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If you love fun quiz games then you will love to play our Games Quiz. Set up you quiz games by answering the fun questions. Its a fun time for everyone to enjoy with family and friends. There are different types of games quiz. They are puzzle games, card games, brain test etc.

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Test your knowledge and accuracy by playing games quiz. It is the best relaxation to your mind. This is the best platform to improve general knowledge, speed and helps to become smart. A quiz game is a form of entertainment for the players to learn something new. Game Quiz Questions will be displayed on the screen and the players have to select the correct answer in couple of seconds. This is how Quiz Games are conducted. The Games Quizzes are helpful for students to win the competitions in schools.

General Knowledge Quiz

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General Knowledge Questions and Answers

General Knowledge Quiz Question Answer
Which artist designed a Rolling Stones album cover? Andy Warhol
What movement is Picasso most famous for? Cubism
In what city will you find Michelangelo's David? Florence
Who is the woman in Grant Wood's famous 1930 painting, "American Gothic? His sister
What country does Banksy come from? The UK
Who is the artist behind the world's most expensive painting? Leonardo da Vinci
Which renaissance artist is most associated with Vatican City's Sistine Chapel? Michelangelo
Who was Mona Lisa? The wife of a Florentine merchant
Which Vincent Van Gogh's painting depicted the view from his asylum window? The Starry Night
How many versions are there of Edvard Munch's "The Scream"? Four