For a non-perfect gas, if we double the pressure while keeping the temperature same, the speed of sound remains the same.
  • a) False
  • b) True
For a perfect gas, if we half the density, keeping the temperature same the speed of sound changes. This is due to the change in pressure.
  • a) True
  • b) False
Which is not the correct reason for sound of speed being higher in helium than in air at the same temperature?
  • a) γ for helium is higher than air
  • b) Gas constant is same for both
  • c) Helium is lighter than air
  • d) R for helium is much larger than for air
The correct statement for a point where the speed of sound is a, is_______
  • a) a* is the stagnation speed of sound
  • b) a* is the maximum speed of sound
  • c) a0 is the characteristic speed of sound
  • d) a0 is the stagnation speed of sound
Select the incorrect statement for the properties concerned with a flow.
  • a) a* and a0 are constant at a point
  • b) a* and a0 are constant along the streamline for an adiabatic, inviscid, steady flow
  • c) a* and a0 are constant along the entire flow for an adiabatic, inviscid, steady flow
  • d) a* and a0 are related but not equal
For a calorically perfect gas, the ratio of stagnation to static temperature depends upon_______
  • a) γ
  • b) γ , M
  • c) M
  • d) R, M
The definitions of P0 and ρ0 involve______
  • a) Isothermal compression
  • b) Isentropic compression
  • c) Adiabatic compression
  • d) Any process gives the same value
The characteristic Mach number is constant for a given value of temperature and gamma.
  • a) False
  • b) True
The characteristic Mach number and Mach number are related. Which of these is not correct?
  • a) M=1, M*=1
  • b) M<1, M*<1
  • c) M<1, M*<1
  • d) M→∞, M*→0
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