On which of the following factor does the pricing of irrigation water is done at a flat rate?
  • a) For the Whole Field Sown
  • b) Per Hectare
  • c) Amount of Irrigation Water Used
  • d) Type of Crops Sown
Which of the following policy was framed in India to reduce the losses?
  • a) Water Law
  • b) Policy of Water
  • c) National Water Policy
  • d) Irrigation Water Policy
What is the main agenda of the National Water Policy?
  • a) Recommendations to States
  • b) Recover Charges
  • c) Quality Check of Irrigation Water
  • d) Maintenance of the Irrigation Structures
Which of the following is the committee appointed by the government on 23-10-1991?
  • a) Committee on Pricing of Irrigation Water
  • b) Committee on Revenue Collection on Irrigation Water
  • c) Committee on Finding the Irrigation Structures
  • d) Committee on Recovery of Charges
Which of the following best is the Hirakud reservoir?
  • a) Reservoir for irrigation and power
  • b) Reservoir for flood control, power, and irrigation
  • c) The purpose is Recreation and fishery
  • d) Reservoir for irrigation and water supply
An irrigation project is classified as a major project when the CCA involved in the project is more than ___________
  • a) 2500 hectares
  • b) 10000 hectares
  • c) 2000 hectares
  • d) 5000 hectares
According to the Central Board of Irrigation and Power, the PA ratio for graded aquifer should be _______________
  • a) > 15.5
  • b) 9 – 12.5
  • c) < 9
  • d) 12 – 15.5
Which of the following strainer is used for shallow irrigation tube wells particularly in deltaic regions of developing countries?
  • a) Pipe strainer with fine mesh jackets
  • b) Coir rope strainers
  • c) Louver type of strainer
  • d) Continuous slot type of strainer
Which of the following is a dam reservoir catering to flood control, irrigation, and water supply basically designed for irrigation alone?
  • a) single-purpose reservoir
  • b) multipurpose reservoir
  • c) retarding basins
  • d) distribution reservoir
Which of the following is the incorrect statement?
  • a) ii and iii
  • b) ii only
  • c) i only
  • d) i, ii, and iii
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