What is the use of inlet section?
  • a) Slow down the incoming air
  • b) Increase the mach number of incoming air
  • c) Increase lift by wing
  • d) Increase lift curve slope of tail
Inlet pressure recovery is defined as ______
  • a) total pressure deliver to the engine divided by freestream total pressure
  • b) total dynamic pressure
  • c) incoming velocity by incoming Mach number
  • d) lift to drag ratio
Which of the following is a type of inlet?
  • a) NACA flush inlet
  • b) Flap
  • c) Slat
  • d) Fuselage
Following diagram represents ______
  • a) NACA flush inlet
  • b) Helical inlet
  • c) Flash inlet
  • d) Pitot tube cavity
Following diagram represents _____
  • a) Pitot inlet
  • b) Flush inlet
  • c) NACA flush inlet
  • d) Bell inlet
Following diagram represents ______
  • a) Conical inlet
  • b) Spiral inlet
  • c) NACA flush mount
  • d) Pitot inlet
Following diagram represents ______
  • a) 2D ramp inlet
  • b) Conical inlet
  • c) Pitot inlet
  • d) Flush inlet
Evaluate downstream Mach number if an oblique shock is observed at inlet with shock angle of 40.30°. Consider upstream Mach number is 1.Use following shock table.
  • a) 1.548
  • b) 1.601
  • c) 1.08
  • d) 1.65
Following diagram represents _____
  • a) Mixed isentropic compression inlet
  • b) Mixed Isotropic expansion
  • c) Isotropic compression
  • d) Isothermal expansion
Typically, diffuser length is about eight times the diameter for supersonic application.
  • a) True
  • b) False
If bypass ratio of subsonic non afterburning engine is found to be 2.1 then, what will be the specific fuel consumption of the same engine at cruise?
  • a) 0.8
  • b) 0.1
  • c) 0.3
  • d) 0.4
We need to design a supersonic fighter with afterburner which has maximum Mach number of 1.If thrust at takeoff isunit and bypass ratio is 0.then, find ratio of length to the diameter for this engine.
  • a) 4.9
  • b) 1.8
  • c) 2
  • d) 3.4
If an aircraft has maximum Mach number of 2 and bypass ratio of 0.then, what will be the weight of the engine? (Find the approximate value. Given thrust at takeoff isUnit.)
  • a) 1058.5 unit
  • b) 12000 unit
  • c) 120
  • d) 234.585 unit
Calculate the approximate value of length at which supersonic after burning engine could be design in such a way that thrust at takeoff will beunit and maximum Mach number will be 2.12.
  • a) 219
  • b) 100
  • c) 301
  • d) 183.129
At which diameter we should design a supersonic after burning engine for a fighter which will have thrust at takeoffUnit and bypass ratio of 0.7.
  • a) 114.67 unit
  • b) 160.78 unit
  • c) 350.39 unit
  • d) 235.78 unit
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