Propulsive efficiency is defined as _____________
  • a) ratio of obtained thrust power to energy expanded
  • b) thrust used by compressed energy
  • c) aerodynamic efficiency
  • d) lift required to thrust required at each segment
Determine thrust power if aircraft velocity ism/s and thrust force is 1000N.
  • a) 150KW
  • b) 1500W
  • c) 12.056MW
  • d) 0.0
Net thrust is given by ________
  • a) gross thrust minus the ram drag
  • b) drag into velocity
  • c) gross thrust divided by weight
  • d) lift to drag ratio
Afterburner is used to ________
  • a) increase thrust of engine
  • b) increase fuel efficiency
  • c) increase lift produced by tail
  • d) reduce fuel consumption
An engine has gross thrust of 150KN. If mentioned designed condition needs to be met is that the ram drag should not exceed more than 18KN then, find the net thrust by engine.
  • a) 132KN
  • b) 123N
  • c) 145 N
  • d) 345MN
Find the acceptable value of ram drag if Turbojet is designed to provide net thrust ofof gross thrust. Engine gross thrust is 12.5KN.
  • a) 1.5KN
  • b) 2500
  • c) 23456
  • d) 4325
Thrust generated by an engine is proportional to mass flow rate.
  • a) True
  • b) False
Which type of engine should be selected, if required cruise speed is above 2.1M?
  • a) Turbojet
  • b) Piston
  • c) Reciprocating
  • d) Piston propeller
Which of the following is correct?
  • a) Typically, higher bypass ratio will give higher efficiency
  • b) Higher bypass ratio always decreases efficiency
  • c) Lift is equal to weight always
  • d) Thrust required is the same as thrust available
What is the limitation of current engine design?
  • a) Turbine inlet temperature
  • b) Inlet flow velocity reduction limitation
  • c) Flow velocity over wing
  • d) Expansion fan only
What do you mean by overall pressure ratio?
  • a) Ratio of pressure at engine exhaust and inlet front face
  • b) Ratio of dynamic to normal pressure
  • c) Total pressure divided by stagnation pressure
  • d) Stagnation pressure divided by dynamic pressure
Uninstalled engine data is available from __________
  • a) manufacturer
  • b) stability margin
  • c) thin airfoil theory
  • d) lifting line theory
At low subsonic speed, we should select _________
  • a) low bypass Turbofan engine
  • b) turboprop always
  • c) always use ram jet
  • d) subsonic speed cannot be achieved
Turbofan engine uses a large fan at inlet to ________
  • a) increase efficiency of the engine
  • b) increase flow velocity
  • c) increase wing tip lift
  • d) increase tailplane lift
For supersonic jet, C – D nozzle is used for the acceleration of exhaust.
  • a) True
  • b) False
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