Which of the following technique requires precise magnetic mapping of the flight deck?
  • a) Electromagnetic tracking
  • b) Sonic tracking
  • c) Optical tracking
  • d) Hybrid tracking
Which of the following is not one of the basic methods used in current HMD technology?
  • a) Inertial
  • b) Optical
  • c) Thermal
  • d) Hybrid
Optical systems employ _________ emitters on the helmet to measure the pilot’s head position.
  • a) Heat
  • b) Radio
  • c) Ultrasonic
  • d) Infrared
What are the typical operating frequencies for sonic tracking?
  • a) 50 MHz to 100 MHz
  • b) 50 Hz to 100 Hz
  • c) 50 kHz to 100 kHz
  • d) 50 mHz to 100 mHz
The hybrid inertial/optical trackers feature high accuracy.
  • a) True
  • b) False
What is the full form of IHADSS?
  • a) Integrated Heading and Display Sighting System
  • b) Integrated Height and Display Sighting System
  • c) Integrated Helmet and Display Sighting System
  • d) Integrated Helmet and Direction Sighting System
The scorpion helmet mounted display system was introduced by which of the following?
  • a) Boeing
  • b) Thales
  • c) Airbus
  • d) BAE Systems
Pilots using scorpion can view both night vision images and the symbols on the display.
  • a) True
  • b) False
What is the full form of HObIT?
  • a) Hybrid Optical based Information Tracker
  • b) Hydraulic Optical based Inertial Tracker
  • c) Hybrid Optical based Inertial Tracker
  • d) Hydraulic Optical based Information Tracker
The Honeywell MIHADSS comes with a ________ field of view.
  • a) 300° by 100°
  • b) 100° by 300°
  • c) 4° by 3°
  • d) 40° by 30°
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