The minus sign in the Faradays law of induction is given by ______
  • a) Lens Law
  • b) Gauss law
  • c) Amperes Law
  • d) Gauss law
Gauss for the Magnetic Field is given by ______
  • a) ∇.B=0
  • b) ∇×B=ρv
  • c) ∇×B=0
  • d) ∇.B=ρv
Gauss for the Electric Field is given by ______
  • a) ∇.D=0
  • b) ∇×D=ρv
  • c) ∇×D=0
  • d) ∇.D=ρv
In which of the following Integral form of Maxwell equations, the surface is closed?
  • a) Amperes law
  • b) Gauss Law
  • c) Faradays Law
  • d) Both Amperes and Faraday law
Divergence of Magnetic field is ______
  • a) volume charge density ρv
  • b) zero
  • c) infinite
  • d) dependent on magnetic field vector
Which of the following Maxwell equation is correct for a non-conducting and lossless medium?
  • a) ∇.D=ρv
  • b) ∇.D=0
  • c) ∇×D=ρv
  • d) ∇×E=0
Find skin depth of 5GHz for silver with a conductivity 6.1×107s/m and relative permittivity 1.
  • a) 0.00091m
  • b) 0.9113μm
  • c) 0.319μm
  • d) 0.1913μm
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