What is the use of the OVCamera Module?
  • a) Monitors Motion
  • b) Evaluates air pressure
  • c) Network Provider
  • d) Image Capture
How many pins are present in the OVCamera Module?
  • a) 18
  • b) 10
  • c) 8
  • d) 50
What is the resolution of the OVCamera Module?
  • a) 640×480 VGA
  • b) 640×481 VGA
  • c) 640×1020 VGA
  • d) 640×12 VGA
What will happen if we supply a voltage ofkV to the Vdd of the EOVCamera Module ?
  • a) Damage is caused
  • b) Module will shut down
  • c) Module will not respond for the time the voltage is applied
  • d) Module will function normally
Can we directly connect the Arduino’spower supply to the OVCamera Module?
  • a) Yes
  • b) No
What is the nature of the video output protocol in the OVCamera Module?
  • a) Serial Analog
  • b) Parallel Analog
  • c) Parallel Digital
  • d) Serial Digital
What kind of device is the ESPWiFi Module?
  • a) Passive Sensor
  • b) Active Sensor
  • c) Transducer Device
  • d) Switching Device
What is the type of waves that the ESPWiFi Module detects?
  • a) Infrared Signal
  • b) Radio Signal
  • c) VL Signal
  • d) Hybrid Signal
What technology does the OVCamera Module use for image sub-sampling?
  • a) VarioPixel
  • b) ConstPix
  • c) Activarr
  • d) Tidal
Does the OVCamera Module support Lens Shading Correction?
  • a) Yes
  • b) No
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