Under the Rural Housing Scheme, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) allotted a house to Kamal Raj for Rs. 126100. This payment is to be made in three equal annual instalments. If the money is reckoned at 5% per annum compound interest, then how much is to be paid by Kamal Raj in each instalment ?
A sum of money lent out at compound interest increases in value by 50% in 5 years. A person wants to lend three different sums x, y and z for 10, 15 and 20 years respectively at the above rate in such a way that he gets back equal sums at the end of their respective periods. The ratio x : y : z is = ?
A certain amount money at R% compounded annually after two and three years becomes Rs. 1440 and Rs. 1728 respectively, R% is ?
The compound interest on a certain sum for 2 successive years are Rs. 225 and Rs. 238.50. The rate of interest per annum is = ?
A sum of Rs. 8000 will amount to Rs. 8820 in 2 years if the interest is calculated every year. The rate of compound interest is = ?
The compound interest on a certain some of money for 2 years at 10% per annum is Rs 420. The simple interest on the same sum at the same rate and for the same time will be ?
The sum of money which when given on compound interest at 18% per annum would fetch Rs 960 more when the interest is payable half-yearly then when it was payable annually for 2 years is = ?
A man, borrow Rs 21000 at 10% compound interest. How much he has to pay annually at the end of each year, to settle his loan in two years ?
A sum of money invested at compound interest amounts to Rs. 4624 in 2 years and Rs. 4913 in 3 years. The sum of money is = ?
A sum of money at compound interest amounts to thrice of itself in 3 years. In how many years it will be 9 times of itself?
A father left a will of Rs. 16400 for his two sons aged 17 and 18 years. They must get equal amount when they are 20 years, at 5% compound interest. Find the present share of the younger son = ?
The compound interest on Rs. 5000 for 3 years at 10% p.a. will amount to = ?
If the compound interest on a certain sum for two years at 12% per annum is Rs. 2544, the simple interest on it at the same rate for 2 years will be = ?
A sum of Rs. 12000 deposited at compound interest become double after 5 years. After 20 years it will become ?
A sum of money put at compound interest amounts in 2 years to Rs. 672 and in 3 years Rs. 714. The rate of interest per annum is = ?
A sum becomes Rs. 2916 in 2 years at 8% per annum compound interest. The simple interest at 9% per annum for 3 years on the same amount will be = ?
A sum of money is compound interest became doubles itself in 15 years. It will become eight times of itself in = ?
A finance company declares that, at a certain compound interest rate, a sum of money deposited by anyone will become 8 times in 3 years. If the same amount is deposited at the same compound rate of interest, then in how many years will it become 16 times ?
On a certain sum of money, the simple interest for 2 years is Rs 350 at the rate of 4% per annum. If it was invested at compound interest at the same rate for the same duration as before, how much more interest would be earned?
If the difference between the compound interest and simple interest on a certain sum at the rate of 5% per annum for 2 years is Rs. 20, then the sum is = ?
The compound interest on a sum of Rs 5000 at 8% per annum for 9 months when interest is compounded quarterly is = ?
A sum of Rs. 5324 is accumulated in 3 years at 10% compound interest, What is the original amount = ?
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