A train moves with a speed of 30 kmph for 12 minutes and for next 8 minutes at a speed of 45 kmph. Find the average speed of the train?
Two trains start at the same time for two station A and B toward B and A respectively. If the distance between A and B is 220 km and their speeds are 50 km/hr and 60 km/hr respectively then after how much time will they meet each other?
Two train 100 meters and 95 meters long respectively pass each other in 27 seconds, when they run in the same direction and in 9 seconds when they run in opposite directions. Speed of the two trains are?
A train running at the speed of 84 km/hr passes a man walking in opposite direction at the speed of 6 km/hr in 4 seconds. What is the length of train (in meter)?
Two trains of lenths 120 m and 90 m are running with speed of 80 km/hr and 55 km/hr respectively towards each other on parallel lines. If they are 90 m apart, after how many seconds they will cross each other?
Two trains are coming from opposite directions with speed of 75 km/hr and 100 km/hr on to parallel tracks. At some moment the distance between them is 100km. After T hours, distance between them is again 100 km. T is equal to?
A train 100 meter long meets a man going in opposite direction at 5 km/h and passes him in 71/5 seconds. What is the speed of the train (in km/hr)?
A train takes 9 sec to cross a pole. If the speed of the train is 48 kmph, then length of the train is?
Two trains start at the same time from A and B and proceed toward each other at the sped of 75 km/hr and 50 km/hr respectively. When both meet at a point in between, one train was found to have traveled 175 km more then the other. Find the distance between A and B?
A train B speeding with 120 kmph crosses another train C running in the same direction, in 2 minutes. If the lengths of the trains B and C be 100m and 200m respectively, what is the speed (in kmph) of the train C?
What is the speed of a train if it overtakes two persons who are walking in the same direction at the rate of a m/s and (a + 1) m/s and passes them completely in b seconds and (b + 1) seconds respectively?
A train passes two bridges of length 500 m and 250 m in 100 seconds and 60 seconds respectively. The length of the train is?
Train A passes a lamp post in 3 seconds and 900 meter long platform in 30 seconds. How much time will the same train take to cross a platform which is 800 meters long? (in seconds)
A train, 240 m long, crosses a man walking alone the line in opposite direction at the rate of 3 kmph in 10 seconds. The speed of the train is?
Two trains of equal length are running on parallel lines in the same directions at 46 km/hr and 36 km/hr. The faster train passes the slower train in 36 seconds. The length of each train is?
The Ghaziabad - Hapur - Meerut EMU and the Meerut - Hapur - Ghaziabad EMU start at the same time from Ghaziabad and Meerut and proceed towards each other at 16 km/hr and 21 km/hr respectively. When they meet, it is found that one train has traveled 60 km more than the other . The distance between two stations is?
Two trains 180 meters and 120 meters in length are running towards each other on parallel tracks, one at the rate 65 km/hr and another at 55 km/hr. In how many seconds will they be cross each other from the moment they meet?
A train passes a 50 meter long platform in 14 seconds and a man standing on platform 10 seconds.The speed of the train is?
A train is moving at a speed of 132 km/hr. If the length of the train is 110 meters, how long it will take to cross a railway platform 165 meter long?
A train cover a distance of 3584 km in 2 days 8 hours. If it covers 1440 km on the first day and 1608 km on the second day, by how much does the average speed of the train for the remaining part of the journey differ from that for the entire journey?
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