A person travels from P to Q at a speed of 40 kmph and returns by increasing his speed by 50%. What is his average speed for both the trips ?
A journey of 192 km between two cities take 2 hours less by a fast train than by a slow train. If the average speed of the slow train is 16 km/hr less than that of the fast train, the average speed of the fast train is :
A walk at a uniform rate of 4 km an hour; and 4 hr after his start, B bicycles after him at the uniform rate of 10 km an hour. How far from the starting point will B catch A ?
An express train travelled at an average speed of 100 kmph, stopping for 3 min after 75 km. A local train travelled at a speed of 50 kmph, stopping for 1 min after every 25 km. If the trains began travelling at the same time, how many kilometres did the local train travel in the time it took the express train to travel 600 km ?
An aeroplane flies from place A to place B at the speed of 500 km/hr. On the return journey, its speed is 700 km/hr. The average speed of the aeroplane for the entire journey is ?
Two cars start at the same time from in point and move alone two roads, at right angle to each other. The speeds are 36 km/hr and 48 km/hr respectively. After 15 sec distance between them will be :
In a flight of 6000 km, an aircraft was slowed down due to bad weather. The average speed for the trip was reduced by 400 kmph and the time of flight increased by 30 minutes. The original planned duration of the flight was :
An athlete claimed that his timing for a 100 m dash should be corrected because the starting signal was gives by a gun fired from a point 10 m away from him and the timekeeper was standing close to the gun. The error due to this could be (in seconds) :
Train A travelling at 60 km/hr leaves Mumbai for Delhi at 6 pm. Train B travelling at 90 km/hr also leaves Mumbai for Delhi at 9 pm. Train C leaves Delhi for Mumbai at 9 pm. If all the three trains meet at the same time between Mumbai and Delhi, then what is the speed of train C if the distance between Delhi and Mumbai is 1260 km ?
Train A leaves Ludhiana for Delhi at 11 am, running at the speed of 60 km/hr. Train B leaves Ludhiana for Delhi by the same route at 2 pm on the same day, running at the speed of 72 km/hr. At what time will the two trains meet each other ?
Rani goes to school from her house in 30 minutes. Raja takes 45 minutes in covering the same distance. Find the ratio between time taken by Rani and Raja ?
A train increases its normal speed by 12.5% and reaches its destination 20 min earlier. What is the actual time taken by the train in the journey ?
Ashok left from place A for place B at 8 am and Rahul left place B for place A at 10.00 am the distance between place A and B is 637 km. If Ashok and Rahul are travelling at a uniform speed of 39 kmph and 47 kmph respectively, at what time will they meet ?
A train leaves Delhi at 4.1 pm and reaches Aligargh at 7.25 pm. The average speed of the train is 40 km/hr. What is the distance from Delhi to Aligarh ?
Rubi goes to a multiplex at the speed of 3 km/hr to see a movie and reaches 5 minutes late. If she travels at the speed of 4 km/hr she reaches 5 minutes early. The the distance of the multiplex from her starting point is :
A student goes to school at the rate of $$2\frac{1}{2}$$ km/hr and reaches 6 min late. If he travels at the speed of 3 km/hr, he is 10 min early. The distance (in km) between the school and the house is :
A student walks from his house at a speed of $$2\frac{1}{2}$$ km per hour and reaches his school 6 minutes late. The next day he increases his speed by 1 km per hours and reaches 6 minutes before school time. How far is the school from his house ?
A train approaches a tunnel AB. Inside the tunnel is a cat located at a point that is $$\frac{3}{8}$$ of the distance AB measured from the entrance A. When the train whistles, that cat runs. If the cat moves to the entrance A of the tunnel, the train catches the cat exactly at the entrance. If the cat moves to the exit B, the train catches the cat at exactly the exit. The ratio of the speed of the train to that of the cat is of the order :
The speeds of John and Max are 30 km/hr and 40 km/hr. Initially Max is at a place L and Jhon is at a place M. The distance between L and M is 650 kms. John started his journey 3 hours earlier than Max to meet each other. If they meet each other at a place P somewhere between L and M, then the distance between P and M is :
A is 10 miles west of B. C is 30 miles north of B. D is 20 miles east of C. What is the distance from A to D ?
A student goes to school at the rate of $$2\frac{1}{2}$$ km/hr and reaches 6 min late. If he travels at the speed of 3 km/hr he is 10 min early. What is the distance to the school ?
To reach point B from point A at 4 pm, Sara will have to travel at an average speed of 18 kmph. She will reach point B at 3 pm if she travels at an average speed of 24 kmph. At what average speed should Sara travels to reach point B at 2 pm ?
A person travels three equal distance at a speed of x km/hr, y km/hr and z km/hr respectively. What is the average speed for the whole journey ?
A train is scheduled to cover the distance between two stations 46 km apart in one hour. If it travels 25 km at a speed of 40 km/hr, find the speed for the remaining journey to complete it in the scheduled time :
A cyclist rides 24 km at 16 kmph and further 36 km at 15 kmph. Find his average speed for the journey ?
A man travels 600 km by train at 80 km/hr, 800 km by ship at 40 km/hr, 500 km by aeroplane at 400 km/hr and 100 km by car at 50 km/hr. What is the average speed for the entire distance :
A bus covered a certain distance from village A to village B at the speed of 60 km/hr. However on its return journey it got stuck in traffic and covered the same distance at the speed of 40 km/hr and took 2 hours more to reach its destination. What is the distance covered between villages A and B ?
A car takes 15 minutes less to cover a distance of 75 km, if it increases its speed by 10 km/hr from its usual speed. How much time would it take to cover a distance of 300 km using this speed ?
A thief running at 8 km/hr is chased by a policeman whose speed is 10 km/hr. If the thief is 100 metres ahead of the policeman, then the time required for the policeman to catch the thief will be :
Two planes move along a circle of circumference 1.2 kms with constant speeds. When they move in different directions, they meet every 15 seconds and when they move in the same direction one plane overtakes the other every 60 seconds. The speed of the slower plane is :
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