_________________ are mathematical problems defined as a set of objects whose state must satisfy a number of constraints or limitations.
  • a) Constraints Satisfaction Problems
  • b) Uninformed Search Problems
  • c) Local Search Problems
  • d) All of the mentioned
Which of the Following problems can be modeled as CSP?
  • a) 8-Puzzle problem
  • b) 8-Queen problem
  • c) Map coloring problem
  • d) All of the mentioned
What among the following constitutes to the incremental formulation of CSP?
  • a) Path cost
  • b) Goal cost
  • c) Successor function
  • d) All of the mentioned
The term ___________ is used for a depth-first search that chooses values for one variable at a time and returns when a variable has no legal values left to assign.
  • a) Forward search
  • b) Backtrack search
  • c) Hill algorithm
  • d) Reverse-Down-Hill search
To overcome the need to backtrack in constraint satisfaction problem can be eliminated by ____________
  • a) Forward Searching
  • b) Constraint Propagation
  • c) Backtrack after a forward search
  • d) Omitting the constraints and focusing only on goals
The BACKTRACKING-SEARCH algorithm in Figure 5.3 has a very simple policy for what to do when a branch of the search fails: back up to the preceding variable and try a different value for it. This is called chronological-backtracking. It is also possible to go all the way to set of variable that caused failure.
  • a) True
  • b) False
Consider a problem of preparing a schedule for a class of student. What type of problem is this?
  • a) Search Problem
  • b) Backtrack Problem
  • c) CSP
  • d) Planning Problem
Constraint satisfaction problems on finite domains are typically solved using a form of ___________
  • a) Search Algorithms
  • b) Heuristic Search Algorithms
  • c) Greedy Search Algorithms
  • d) All of the mentioned
Solving a constraint satisfaction problem on a finite domain is an/a ___________ problem with respect to the domain size.
  • a) P complete
  • b) NP complete
  • c) NP hard
  • d) Domain dependent
____________ is/are useful when the original formulation of a problem is altered in some way, typically because the set of constraints to consider evolves because of the environment.
  • a) Static CSPs
  • b) Dynamic CSPs
  • c) Flexible CSPs
  • d) None of the mentioned
Flexible CSPs relax on _______
  • a) Constraints
  • b) Current State
  • c) Initial State
  • d) Goal State
Language/Languages used for programming Constraint Programming includes ____________
  • a) Prolog
  • b) C#
  • c) C
  • d) Fortrun
Backtracking is based on ____________
  • a) Last in first out
  • b) First in first out
  • c) Recursion
  • d) Both Last in first out & Recursion
Constraint Propagation technique actually modifies the CSP problem.
  • a) True
  • b) False
When do we call the states are safely explored?
  • a) A goal state is unreachable from any state
  • b) A goal state is denied access
  • c) A goal state is reachable from every state
  • d) None of the mentioned
Which of the following algorithm is generally used CSP search algorithm?
  • a) Breadth-first search algorithm
  • b) Depth-first search algorithm
  • c) Hill-climbing search algorithm
  • d) None of the mentioned
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