___________ is the interruption or interference with normal physiological and developmental processes or structures.
  • a) Pathophysiology
  • b) Societal Limitation
  • c) Functional Limitation
  • d) Modality-Specific
A task that is specific to a single sense or movement pattern is called _________ in a rehabilitation engineering perspective.
  • a) Functional Limitation
  • b) Modality-Specific
  • c) Societal Limitation
  • d) Pathophysiology
_______________ is not a passive transducer.
  • a) Doppler effect transducer
  • b) IR sensor
  • c) Strain gauge
  • d) Ultrasonic transducer
_________ is called the Aesthetics of appearance.
  • a) lymphosis
  • b) cosmesis
  • c) orthosis
  • d) homeostasis
Which of the following filter is used to amplify frequency above a certain value?
  • a) band stop filter
  • b) low pass filter
  • c) band pass filter
  • d) high pass filter
From the options given below, select the one that best describes: Transcutaneous.
  • a) passing to the heart
  • b) passing to the bones
  • c) passing to the skin
  • d) passing to the lungs
_____________ is not a soft tissue.
  • a) ligament
  • b) bone
  • c) tendons
  • d) skin
Which is the correct characteristic of Blood vessels?
  • a) Soft tissue
  • b) Connective and soft tissue
  • c) Connective and hard tissue
  • d) Hard tissue
Muscles are the reservoir for calcium and phosphorus, essential minerals for various cellular activities which happen throughout the human body.
  • a) True
  • b) False
Bones are living tissues.
  • a) True
  • b) False
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