InAlexander Fleming was working on which type of Bacteria also named “Golden Staph”?
  • a) Streptococcus pneumonia
  • b) Staphylococcal pneumonia
  • c) Staphylococcus aureus
  • d) Streptococcus aureus
Which biochemist along with Howard Florey and Ernst Chain, designed a lab-scale process to produce enough Penicillin for animal tests?
  • a) Sir Edward Penley Abraham
  • b) Dr. Norman George Heatley
  • c) Sir Alexander Fleming
  • d) Dr. Rudolph Emmerich
Which type of fermentation was used by Engineers to produce penicillin on large scale during World War 2?
  • a) Semi-Solid Fermentation
  • b) Deep-Tank Fermentation
  • c) Biphasic Fermentation
  • d) Solid-State Fermentation
Is Penicillium notatum and Penicillium chrysogenum both are same in terms of yield?
  • a) True
  • b) False
Penicillin production occurs in which growth phase?
  • a) Lag phase
  • b) Log phase
  • c) Stationary phase
  • d) Death phase
What is Slurry which is used in the Penicillin production process?
  • a) Semi – Liquid mixture
  • b) Solid – Liquid mixture
  • c) Gas – Liquid mixture
  • d) Liquid
Which sort of Fermenter is used for the production of Penicillin?
  • a) Batch Fermenter, Fed-Batch Process
  • b) Fed-Batch Fermenter, Fed-Batch Process
  • c) Continuous Batch Fermenter , Fed-Batch Process
  • d) Fed-Batch Fermenter, Batch process
Which type of process is involved to produce Crystalline Potassium Penicillin?
  • a) Evaporation
  • b) Annealing
  • c) Decomposition
  • d) Precipitation
Why is Procaine used in the process of production of Penicillin?
  • a) Because Procaine is antibiotic in nature
  • b) Because Procaine is antifungal in nature
  • c) Because Procaine is analgesic in nature
  • d) Because Procaine is anti-allergic in nature
Rotary drum tank reactor comes under which type of bioreactors?
  • a) Mechanically agitated bioreactors
  • b) Air driven bioreactors/Pneumatically agitated bioreactors
  • c) Non-agitated bioreactors
  • d) Wave bioreactors
What is the role of Surge tank in Penicillin production process?
  • a) Sterilization
  • b) Filtration
  • c) Extraction
  • d) Evaporation
Which of the following comes under the Downstream Process?
  • a) Inoculum preparation
  • b) Equipment sterilization
  • c) Media Formulation
  • d) Separation
Why Penicillin does not affect the human body when taken?
  • a) Because it is a Broad spectrum antibiotic
  • b) Because it is a Narrow spectrum antibiotic
  • c) Because it is an analgesic
  • d) Because it is a Narcotic drug
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