Among the following, production through which material is not possible in a crucible?
  • a) Glass
  • b) Metal
  • c) Pigment
  • d) Oils
Which of the following metals or alloys cannot be used for making crucibles?
  • a) Nickel
  • b) Zirconium
  • c) Mercury
  • d) Platinum
The crucible process is used for production of which material?
  • a) Pig iron
  • b) Cast iron
  • c) Tool steel
  • d) Gray iron
Which of the following is not a property of a crucible?
  • a) Retention of thermal conductivity
  • b) Resistance to chemical attack
  • c) Retention of electrical conductivity
  • d) Resistance to erosion
What is the maximum pressure which the isostatic presses can take for making crucibles?
  • a) 890 atm
  • b) 1270 atm
  • c) 1000 atm
  • d) 1100 atm
Which of the following does not hold valid for an isostatic press?
  • a) Consistent mixture
  • b) High pressure operation
  • c) High density of product
  • d) Wet mix used
Which of the following cannot be counted among the advantages of a crucible?
  • a) Uniform heating
  • b) Low flexibility
  • c) Low installation cost
  • d) No contamination of charge
Production of crucibles is inexpensive.
  • a) True
  • b) False
Which of the following is not a raw material for making a crucible?
  • a) Clay
  • b) Wax
  • c) Graphite
  • d) Silicon carbide
Crucibles do not possess refractoriness.
  • a) True
  • b) False
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