Which of the following immunoglobulin is naturally given to the fetus?
  • a) IgG
  • b) IgM
  • c) IgD
  • d) IgE
What is the range of amino acids present in an immunoglobulin molecule?
  • a) 50-110
  • b) 70-110
  • c) 60-10
  • d) 80-110
In an immunoglobulin, the heavy chains and the light chains are held together by ____________
  • a) Diphosphate bond
  • b) Dichloride bond
  • c) Disulphide bond
  • d) Dihydroxide bond
What ions is required for the function of cadherins?
  • a) Ca2+
  • b) Na+
  • c) K+
  • d) H+
Cadherins are 720-amino acids long.
  • a) True
  • b) False
Which of the following has abundant protocadherins?
  • a) Circulatory system
  • b) Reproductive system
  • c) Nervous system
  • d) Coordination system
What is epithelial mesenchymal transistion?
  • a) Loss of adhesion and gain of migration
  • b) Loss of migration and gain of adhesion
  • c) Lysis of cell
  • d) Formation of mesenchymal cells
Where is the CDH3 gene expressed?
  • a) Bone marrow
  • b) Lymph nodes
  • c) Neurons
  • d) Placenta
Which of the following is caused by cadherin disorder?
  • a) Zellweger syndrome
  • b) Usher syndrome
  • c) Bubble boy syndrome
  • d) Down’s syndrome
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