RF integrated circuits generally comprise of _____
  • a) resonators and resistors
  • b) resistors
  • c) diodes
  • d) resonators and capacitors
RF MEMS gives _______ alternative to electronic switching circuits.
  • a) an electromechanical
  • b) a mechanical
  • c) an electro-dynamic
  • d) an interconnected
Which of these is not a technique used to induce sharp resonance in resonators?
  • a) Rigidity
  • b) Bulk
  • c) Acoustic
  • d) Piezoelectric
In resonators with nanoscale I-beams, which factor does not affect the mechanical frequencies of I-beams?
  • a) Size
  • b) Density
  • c) Stiffness
  • d) Distance between beam and bottom of the cavity
The industry standard figure of merit for an RF switch is ______
  • a) R0C1
  • b) R1C0
  • c) C0R1
  • d) C1R0
RF MEMS allows selection of ____ and ____, increasing the degree of freedom in design process.
  • a) digital circuit and reverse engineering
  • b) analog circuit and reverse engineering
  • c) digital circuit and reengineering
  • d) analog circuit and reengineering
Superconducting analog filters can reduce noise and interference introduced by wide bandwidth of SDR architecture.
  • a) True
  • b) False
Superconductors use ____ to maintain working temperature near _____
  • a) heat sinks, 70K
  • b) open cooling system, 80K
  • c) forced air, 75K
  • d) closed cooling system, 70K
RF amplifiers tend to be ____ amplifiers.
  • a) class A
  • b) class B
  • c) class C
  • d) class AB
Which of the following modulation type is incompatible with class C operation?
  • a) Frequency modulation
  • b) BPSK
  • c) QPSK
  • d) QAM
Electronically Programmable Analog Components are also called as ____
  • a) FPGA
  • b) FPAA
  • c) Gate Array ASIC
  • d) Cell based ASIC
Which of the following is not a challenge to RF/IF conversion stage in military application?
  • a) Low phase noise
  • b) Tunable pre-selector
  • c) Single RF/IF up-down conversion
  • d) Fast tuning synthesizers
____ fixes the input power dynamic range such that there are no sinusoidal RF conversion artifacts in the output.
  • a) Noise Figure
  • b) Two tone intermodulation product
  • c) Harmonics
  • d) SFDR
The Nyquist criterion states that the sampling frequency of a band limited analog waveform must be at least ______ component to properly reconstruct the signal.
  • a) half the maximum frequency
  • b) twice the maximum frequency
  • c) half the minimum frequency
  • d) twice the minimum frequency
The useful dynamic range applicable for antenna, RF/IF conversion, and ADC’s is given by the ratio of smallest processable signal to the smallest detectable signal.
  • a) True
  • b) False
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