What is meant by chemical conversion regarding coatings of a metal?
  • a) Coating metal is vaporized electrically to deposit on the parts to be coated
  • b) Coatings produced by corroding the metal surface to form an adherent protective layer
  • c) Hot rolling of two metals together to produce composite sheet
  • d) A metal wire or powder through the melting flame is blown onto the surface to be protected
Which of the following is/are the examples of chemical conversion?
  • a) Bonderizing
  • b) Parkerizing
  • c) Chromatizing
  • d) Bonderizing, parkerizing, and chromatizing
In general, coatings should not be used where the environment would rapidly attack the substrate material.
  • a) True
  • b) False
Which of the following is/are the examples of organic coatings?
  • a) Paints
  • b) Varnishes
  • c) Lacquers
  • d) Paints, varnishes and lacquers
Which of the following is/are factors to consider for organic coatings?
  • a) Surface preparation only
  • b) Surface preparation and selection of primary coating
  • c) Surface preparation and selection of primary and top coatings
  • d) Selection of primary and top coatings
What is the purpose of surface preparation?
  • a) Surface roughening for mechanical bonding
  • b) Removal of dirt, rust and mill scale
  • c) Removal of welding flux and other impurities
  • d) Surface roughening for mechanical bonding, removal of dirt, rust, mill scale, welding flux, and other impurities
Which of the following is/are the methods for surface preparation for coating application?
  • a) Sandblasting and chipping
  • b) Wire brushing and flame cleaning
  • c) Sandblasting, chipping, wire brushing and flame cleaning
  • d) Sandblasting, chipping and flame cleaning
Which of the following paints are widely used for corrosion applications?
  • a) Vinyl and epoxy paints
  • b) Asphalts and bituminous paints
  • c) Iron oxide and titanium oxide paints
  • d) Alkyds and red lead
Which of the following is/are the characteristics of primers or primary coatings?
  • a) It contains rust-inhibitive pigments only
  • b) Adequate wettability and short drying time
  • c) Short drying time, adequate wettability and it contains rust-inhibitive pigments
  • d) It contains rust-inhibitive pigments and short drying time
Which of the following is/are the advantages of coal-tar coatings?
  • a) Excellent corrosion resistance to fresh and seawater
  • b) Excellent corrosion resistant to fresh, seawater and soil immersion
  • c) High abrasive resistance
  • d) Stable coating
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