The Corrodibility of the metal in a corrosion test may decrease or increase as a function of time.
  • a) True
  • b) False
Which of the following is/are the factors that affect corrosion testing?
  • a) Temperature
  • b) Dissolved oxygen
  • c) Nature of metal
  • d) Temperature, dissolved oxygen, and nature of metal
Which of the following metals in which corrosion decreases with an increase in temperature in oxygenated corrosive solutions?
  • a) Copper and its alloys
  • b) Steels
  • c) Cast irons
  • d) Aluminum and its alloys
Which of the following standard expression is used to measure the corrosion rate of a metal?
  • a) Mils per year = W/DAT
  • b) Mils per year = 534W/DAT
  • c) Milligrams decimeter per day = 534W/DAT
  • d) Milligrams decimeter per day = W/DAT
Which of the following units are used in terms of penetration of pits on a metal?
  • a) Milligram sq. decimeter per day (MDD)
  • b) Mils per year (MPY)
  • c) Both MDD and MPY
  • d) Neither MDD nor MPY
Which of the following expression is used for electrochemical techniques to determine the corrosion penetration rate?
  • a) Corrosion penetration rate = K (ai/D)
  • b) Corrosion penetration rate = K (ai/nD)
  • c) Corrosion penetration rate = (ai/nD)
  • d) Corrosion penetration rate = (ai/nD)
Calculate the corrosion penetration rate of iron that corroding at an electrochemical corrosion rate of 1 microampere/sq. centimeters?
  • a) 0.212 mpy
  • b) 0.11 mpy
  • c) 0.46 mpy
  • d) 0.64 mpy
Which of the following is/are the corrosion testing’s for stainless steels?
  • a) Warren test
  • b) Streicher test
  • c) Huey test
  • d) Warren test, Streicher test and huey test
Which of the following method is the best approach to report the results of the pitting corrosion test?
  • a) Reporting the number of pits per unit area
  • b) Reporting maximum depth of a pit
  • c) Reporting average depth of pits
  • d) Reporting weight loss of a metal
Which of the following factors are considered to evaluate the paint test?
  • a) Appearance of coating
  • b) Presence and extent of corrosion
  • c) Under film corrosion
  • d) The appearance of coating, presence, and extent of corrosion and under film corrosion
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