A _________ can gain access illegally to a system if the system is not properly tested in scanning and gaining access phase.
  • a) security officer
  • b) malicious hacker
  • c) security auditor
  • d) network analyst
In which phase, the hackers install backdoors so that his/her ownership with the victim’s system can be retained later?
  • a) Scanning
  • b) Maintaining access
  • c) Maintaining Access
  • d) Gaining access
_______ is the tool used for this purpose.
  • a) Powersploit
  • b) Aircrack – ng
  • c) Snort
  • d) Nmap
Which of the following hacking tools and techniques hackers’ do not use for maintaining access in a system?
  • a) Rootkits
  • b) Backdoors
  • c) Trojans
  • d) Wireshark
In _______ phase, the hackers try to hide their footprints.
  • a) Scanning
  • b) Tracks clearing
  • c) Reconnaissance
  • d) Gaining access
Which of them is not a track clearing technique?
  • a) Altering log files
  • b) Tunnelling
  • c) Port Scanning
  • d) Footprint removing
__________ is the last phase of ethical hacking process.
  • a) Scanning
  • b) Tracks clearing
  • c) Reconnaissance
  • d) Reporting
Which of the following is not a footprint-scanning tool?
  • a) SuperScan
  • b) TcpView
  • c) Maltego
  • d) OWASP Zed
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