RAP1 has a ___________________
  • a) Positive effect on transcription
  • b) No effect on transcription
  • c) Negative effect on transcription
  • d) Immensely positive effect on transcription
We know that loss of DNA bases is highly mutagenic. But a loss of DNA bases from which region will not have much affect at all?
  • a) Centromere
  • b) Satellite region
  • c) Hot spots for recombination
  • d) Telomeres
A eukaryotic cell can divide only a limited number of times.
  • a) True
  • b) False
Yeast mating factor alpha is located in _________________
  • a) HMR
  • b) MAT
  • c) HML
  • d) HAT
If a parent yeast is of mating type a, what will be the mating type of its bud?
  • a) a
  • b) alpha
  • c) rho
  • d) a-alpha
Under which condition will the yeast express a-alpha mating type?
  • a) HAT activation
  • b) TBP activation
  • c) HDAC inactivation
  • d) HAT inactivation
RAP1 binds to ____________
  • a) At the loop between enhancer and promoter
  • b) Linear repeated sequences
  • c) At the nuclosomes in telomere region
  • d) Specific sequences at telomere
Which of these SIR proteins are having HDAC activity?
  • a) SIR1
  • b) SIR2
  • c) SIR3
  • d) SIR4
You transfer the DAM gene to the telomere of yeast. What will be your expected result?
  • a) Methylation at the A sites in specific sequence
  • b) Methylation at the C sites in specific sequence
  • c) No methylation at the A sites in specific sequence
  • d) No methylation at the C sites in specific sequence
What is the range of telomere suppression?
  • a) 1kb
  • b) 3kb
  • c) 4kb
  • d) 10kb
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