Which of this is a cis binding element?
  • a) TAF
  • b) TBP
  • c) TFIIF
  • d) TFIIH
You wanted to study the assembly of preinitiation complex in eukaryotes. This is by the means of protein-protein interaction. Which of these methods you can’t absolutely put in use there?
  • a) Footprinting
  • b) Crystal structure
  • c) EMSA
  • d) Primer extension
For performing EMSA what type of gel should be used?
  • a) Native
  • b) Denaturing SDS-PAGE
  • c) Non-denaturing SDS PAGE
  • d) Zymography
While performing EMSA, in which situation will you see the band highest?
  • a) You add TFIID, TFIIA and polymerase
  • b) You add TFIID, TFIIB, TFIIF and polymerase
  • c) You add TFIID, TFIIA, TFIIF and polymerase
  • d) You add TFIIA, TFIIB, TFIIF and polymerase
Which of these is not true for TFIIH?
  • a) It is a helicase
  • b) On initiation the RNA pol starts transcribing leaving TFIIH at pre-IC
  • c) It has kinase activity
  • d) It is needed in Double Strand Break (DSB) repair
A mediator helps to connect ___________
  • a) Enhancer to DPE
  • b) Silencer to Enhancer
  • c) Enhancer to TAF
  • d) Insulator to silencer
Which factor stimulated phosphorylation of CTD of RNA polymerase II?
  • a) TFIIA
  • b) TFIIF
  • c) TFIIH
  • d) TFIIE
The absence of which factor will prevent TFIIH and TFIIE recruitment?
  • a) F
  • b) D
  • c) B
  • d) A
Which of this is untrue about TBP?
  • a) It is a part of TFIID
  • b) It makes a kink in the DNA
  • c) It is orientation independent
  • d) It is sequence independent
While in vitro transcription your RNA pol is stalled at a position due to mistreatment. Which factor could you act to help the RNA pol overcome the stalled stage?
  • a) TFIID
  • b) TFIIF
  • c) TFIIS
  • d) TFIIH
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