Heap sort is an implementation of ____________ using a descending priority queue.
  • a) insertion sort
  • b) selection sort
  • c) bubble sort
  • d) merge sort
Which one of the following is false?
  • a) Heap sort is an in-place algorithm
  • b) Heap sort has O(nlogn) average case time complexity
  • c) Heap sort is stable sort
  • d) Heap sort is a comparison-based sorting algorithm
The essential part of Heap sort is construction of max-heap. Consider the tree shown below, the nodeviolates the max-heap property. Once heapify procedure is applied to it, which position will it be in?
  • a) 4
  • b) 5
  • c) 8
  • d) 9
The descending heap property is ___________
  • a) A[Parent(i)] = A[i]
  • b) A[Parent(i)] <= A[i]
  • c) A[Parent(i)] >= A[i]
  • d) A[Parent(i)] > 2 * A[i]
What is its wort case time complexity of Heap sort?
  • a) O(nlogn)
  • b) O(n2logn)
  • c) O(n2)
  • d) O(n3)
In average case Heap sort is as efficient as the Quick sort.
  • a) True
  • b) False
Which one of the following is a variation of Heap sort?
  • a) Comb sort
  • b) Smooth sort
  • c) Binary tree sort
  • d) Shell sort
Introsort algorithm is combination of _____________
  • a) Quick sort and Heap sort
  • b) Quick sort and Shell sort
  • c) Heap sort and Merge sort
  • d) Heap sort and insertion sort
How many elements can be sorted in O(logn) time using Heap sort?
  • a) O(1)
  • b) O(n/2)
  • c) O(logn/log(logn))
  • d) O(logn)
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