Which of the following is not the operating characteristics of Dc generator?
  • a) No-load characteristics
  • b) Load characteristics
  • c) External characteristics
  • d) Internal characteristics
Characteristics drawn at Ia = 0 is also called as ____________
  • a) Magnetization characteristics
  • b) Non-magnetization characteristics
  • c) Anti-magnetization characteristics
  • d) Cannot be determined
Open circuit characteristics (OCC) is generally drawn across __________
  • a) Ea vs If, Ia=constant (not equal to rated)
  • b) Ea vs If, Ia=0
  • c) Ea vs If, Ia=constant
  • d) Ea vs If, Ia=constant (rated)
Characteristics of a DC generator drawn across Vt vs If at rated armature current and constant speed, is called as ____________
  • a) Load characteristics
  • b) No-load characteristics
  • c) External characteristics
  • d) Armature characteristics
In an OCC at If =graph starts from origin.
  • a) True
  • b) False
While conducting OCC, in order to avoid hysteresis loop, in which direction If should be increased?
  • a) -ve direction
  • b) +ve direction
  • c) In any direction
  • d) In both direction there exists hysteresis loop
Air gap line is drawn at iron _________
  • a) Saturated
  • b) Unsaturated
  • c) Moderately saturated
  • d) Variable saturation
If suppose OCC is conducted at speed nwhere nnrated, OCC will lie ____________
  • a) Above OCC at nrated
  • b) On OCC at nrated
  • c) Below OCC at nrated
  • d) Can’t comment by only speed information
Ea can be determined using __________
  • a) No-load characteristics
  • b) Load characteristics
  • c) Cannot be determined
  • d) Above OCC
If load characteristics are drawn on OCC itself, we get curve ________
  • a) Above OCC
  • b) On OCC
  • c) Below OCC
  • d) Intersecting OCC
Load characteristics drawn at Ra =0 and Ra not equal towill lie _____
  • a) Above
  • b) On
  • c) Below
  • d) Intersecting
OCC is drawn at two different speeds both less than rated speed. OCC drawn at speed N1 lies below OCC drawn at speed NWhich of the following relation is correct?
  • a) N2 = N1
  • b) N2 < N1
  • c) N2 >> N1
  • d) Can’t comment
Why No-load or load characteristics are also called as magnetization characteristics?
  • a) Ea α If
  • b) Ea α φ
  • c) If α φ
  • d) Cannot be determined
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