Which algorithm efficiently calculates the single source shortest paths in a Directed Acyclic Graph?
  • a) topological sort
  • b) hash table
  • c) binary search
  • d) radix sort
The _______ of a graph G consists of all vertices and edges of G.
  • a) edge graph
  • b) line graph
  • c) path complement graph
  • d) eulerian circuit
A ______ in a graph G is a circuit which consists of every vertex (except first/last vertex) of G exactly once.
  • a) Euler path
  • b) Hamiltonian path
  • c) Planar graph
  • d) Path complement graph
A walk has Closed property if ____________
  • a) v0=vk
  • b) v0>=vk
  • c) v < 0
  • d) vk > 1
A trail in a graph can be described as ______________
  • a) a walk without repeated edges
  • b) a cycle with repeated edges
  • c) a walk with repeated edges
  • d) a line graph with one or more vertices
Let a graph can be denoted as ncfkedn a kind of ____________
  • a) cycle graph
  • b) line graph
  • c) hamiltonian graph
  • d) path graph
Determine the edge count of a path complement graph withvertices.
  • a) 502
  • b) 345
  • c) 78
  • d) 69
The sum of an n-node graph and its complement graph produces a graph called _______
  • a) complete graph
  • b) bipartite graph
  • c) star graph
  • d) path-complement graph
In a directed weighted graph, if the weight of every edge is decreased byunits, does any change occur to the shortest path in the modified graph?
  • a) 209
  • b) 65
  • c) 57
  • d) 43
Let G(V, E) be a directed graph where every edge has weight as either2 orwhat is the algorithm used for the shortest path from a given source vertex to a given destination vertex to get the time complexity of O(V+E)?
  • a) BFS
  • b) DFS
  • c) Binary search
  • d) Radix sort
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