The threshold voltage of an n-channel MOSFET can be controlled by which of the following parameter?
  • a) Increasing the channel dopant concentration
  • b) Reducing the channel dopant concentration
  • c) Reducing the gate-oxide thickness
  • d) Reducing the channel
MOSFET can be used as ________
  • a) Voltage controlled capacitor
  • b) Current controlled capacitor
  • c) Voltage controlled inductor
  • d) Current controlled inductor
The effective channel length of a MOSFET in saturation decreases with increase in which of the following parameter?
  • a) Gate voltage
  • b) Drain voltage
  • c) Source voltage
  • d) Body voltage
In a MOSFET operating in a saturation region, the channel length modulation effect causes
  • a) An increase in gate-source capacitance
  • b) Decrease in Trans conductance
  • c) Decrease in the unity gain cut off
  • d) Decrease in the output impedance
Which of the following effects can be caused by decrease in temperature?
  • a) Increase in MOSFET current
  • b) Increase in BJT current
  • c) Decrease in MOSFET current
  • d) Decrease in BJT current
At room temperature, what is the possible value for the mobility of electrons in the inversion layer of a silicon n-channel MOSFET?
  • a) 450 cm2/v-s
  • b) 1350 cm2/v-s
  • c) 1800 cm2/v-s
  • d) 3600cm2/v-s
The drain current of a MOSFET in saturation is given by ID=K(VGS-VP) (VGS-VP)
  • a) K(VGS-VT) (VGS-VT)/ VDS
  • b) 2K(VGS-VT)
  • c) ID/VGS VdS
  • d) K(VGS-VT) (VGS-VT)/ VGS
The depletion type MOSFET is equivalent to normally closed switch.
  • a) True
  • b) False
Which of the following statement is true about enhancement MOSFET?
  • a) It acts as closed switch
  • b) It acts as open switch
  • c) It acts as resistor with small resistance
  • d) Capacitor
For a transistor in its circuit symbol, the line between drain and source was broken, what does this indicate?
  • a) BJT
  • b) JFET
  • c) Depletion type MOSFET
  • d) Enhancement type MOSFET
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