Which type of coal is used in Bergius process?
  • a) Anthracite coal
  • b) Steam coal
  • c) Pulverised coal
  • d) Gas coal
Which substance is mixed with the pulverised coal in the Bergius process?
  • a) Sulphuric acid
  • b) Heavy oil and catalyst
  • c) Heavy oil
  • d) Catalyst
At what temperature does the Bergius process is carried out?
  • a) 200-300 0C
  • b) 700-800 0C
  • c) 350-500 0C
  • d) 0-150 0C
Which product is obtained from the converter in the Bergius process?
  • a) Hydrocarbons
  • b) Olefins
  • c) Fuel oil
  • d) Gasoline
Same catalyst is used for production of oil in the Bergius process as used in the production of hydrocarbons.
  • a) True
  • b) False
Which compounds are rich in gasoline obtained from the Bergius process?
  • a) Tetraethyl lead
  • b) Ethanol
  • c) Olefins
  • d) Aromatic compounds
What happens to the middle oil fraction in the Bergius process?
  • a) The oil is converted into olefins
  • b) The oil is converter into paraffin
  • c) The oil is converted into gasoline
  • d) The oil is converted into hydrocarbons
Which undesirable compound is present in gasoline?
  • a) Sulphur compounds
  • b) Phosphorous compounds
  • c) Chloride compounds
  • d) Magnesium compounds
How much percentile of sulphuric acid is treated with gasoline for the removal of its impurities?
  • a) 99 %
  • b) 60 %
  • c) 80 %
  • d) 40 %
Removal of gaseous impurities like methane, ethane, propane and butane from gasoline is called as _____________________
  • a) Stabilization of gasoline
  • b) Sweetening of gasoline
  • c) Doping of gasoline
  • d) Blending of gasoline
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