In which area/city of India highest lignite deposits are present?
  • a) Travancore
  • b) Rajasthan
  • c) Neyveli
  • d) Malabar coast
Which of the following lignite is black in colour?
  • a) Earthy coal
  • b) Laminated coal
  • c) Wood coal
  • d) Australian Morewell coal
Which product is obtained after the distillation of bituminous coal?
  • a) Coal tar
  • b) Coke
  • c) Charcoal
  • d) Coal gas
What amount of carbon is present in sub-bituminous coal in percentile?
  • a) 60-75%
  • b) 85-90%
  • c) 90-93%
  • d) 75-83%
Which of the following coal is used widely in the world?
  • a) Peat
  • b) Lignite
  • c) Bituminous
  • d) Anthracite
Which of the following forms a group between bituminous coal and anthracite?
  • a) Semi-bituminous coal
  • b) Sub-bituminous coal
  • c) Semi-anthracite coal
  • d) Anthracite coal
Which of the following areas of bituminous coal have high volatile matter?
  • a) Gondwana
  • b) Neyveli
  • c) Nilgiri hills
  • d) Raniganj
Anthracite coal have a conchoidal fracture.
  • a) True
  • b) False
Which colour flame does anthracite produces?
  • a) Yellow
  • b) Blue
  • c) Black
  • d) Colourless
Why does anthracite is used in drying mal and hops?
  • a) Due to its high calorific value
  • b) Due to its low volatile matter
  • c) Due to low arsenic content present in it
  • d) Due to high carbon content present in it
Which of the following anthracite coal is used in steel making?
  • a) High grade
  • b) Standard grade
  • c) Ultra high grade
  • d) Semi high grade
Which area of India consists of high anthracite content?
  • a) Madhya Pradesh
  • b) Neyveli
  • c) Nilgiri
  • d) Darjeeling
Why is the calorific value of anthracite less than that of semi-bituminous coal?
  • a) Due to high carbon content in it
  • b) Due to decrease in hydrogen content
  • c) Due to decrease in nitrogen content
  • d) Due to decrease in the content of volatile matter
Semi-bituminous coal are harder than anthracite coal.
  • a) True
  • b) False
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