What is the primary focus of the quality management system?
  • a) Customer focus
  • b) Engagement of people
  • c) Process approach
  • d) Improvement
What are the responsibilities of management in quality system management?
  • a) Frequently change responsibilities of employees for flexibility
  • b) Frequently change authorities for flexibility
  • c) Authority changes but fixed responsibility
  • d) Fix authority and responsibility
What is not true for the quality system requirements?
  • a) Generic
  • b) Depends upon size of organisation
  • c) Independent of type of organisation
  • d) Applicable to any organisation
What does quality plans specify in a quality system?
  • a) Work instructions
  • b) Checklists
  • c) Clause to clause interpretation of work
  • d) All resources and their schedule
In how many groups, the quality system and management requirements are divided as per ISO-9001:2000?
  • a) 2
  • b) 3
  • c) 4
  • d) 5
What is quality control?
  • a) Process of recognition of entire manufacturing process
  • b) Concerned with the integration of all the efforts in organisation
  • c) Detection of defects in a product
  • d) Minimization of material level
Which option is correct for given statements about quality assurance?
  • a) F, F
  • b) T, F
  • c) T, T
  • d) F, T
What is the purpose of ISO standards created for quality management systems?
  • a) To certify the process
  • b) To certify the quality of a product
  • c) To certify the quality of service
  • d) To certify the quantity used for product
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