The volume of an auditorium is 12,000mIts reverberation time is 1.5 seconds. If the average absorption coefficient of interior surfaces is 0.4 Sabine/mFind the area of interior surfaces.
  • a) 20,000m2
  • b) 3340m2
  • c) 4500m2
  • d) 450m2
The intensity of sound produced by roaring of a lion at a distance ofis 0.01W/mCalculate the intensity level in decibel.
  • a) 1dB
  • b) 11dB
  • c) 100dB
  • d) 20dB
Calculate the intensity level of a plane just leaving the runway having sound intensity of about 1000W/m2.
  • a) 0dB
  • b) 15dB
  • c) 5dB
  • d) 150dB
Frequency is used for tuning musical instruments.
  • a) True
  • b) False
A tuning fork produces 4 beats/s when sounded with a tuning fork of frequency 512Hz. The same tuning fork, when sounded with a another tuning fork of frequency 514Hz, produces 6 beats/s. Find the frequency of the tuning fork.
  • a) 500Hz
  • b) 1000Hz
  • c) 128Hz
  • d) 508Hz
When a train, blowing its whistle, approaches him, the pitch of the whistle appears to rise and it appears to drop as the engine moves away from him. What is the effect observed here?
  • a) Doppler effect
  • b) Frequency effect
  • c) Beats
  • d) Echelon effect
In which of the following is the Doppler Effect symmetric?
  • a) Water
  • b) Air
  • c) Liquid
  • d) Light
What will be the velocity of sound in a perfectly rigid rod?
  • a) Infinity
  • b) Finite
  • c) Zero
  • d) Constant
The speed of sound in moist air is greater than that in dry air.
  • a) True
  • b) False
The sound of a bomb explosion travels faster than the sound produced by a humming bee.
  • a) True
  • b) False
When can sound be heard over long distances?
  • a) On a sunny day
  • b) On a humid day
  • c) When snowing
  • d) On a rainy day
A person riding on a merry-go round emits a sound wave of a certain frequency. Will the person at centre observe Doppler Effect.
  • a) Yes
  • b) No
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