Immobilization can greatly affect the stability of the enzyme.
  • a) True
  • b) False
The ratio of volume of solution contained within the particle to the total volume of the particle is referred to as ____________
  • a) tortuosity
  • b) porosity
  • c) Km
  • d) catalytic efficiency
Immobilized enzymes observe diffusional resistance at different levels.
  • a) True
  • b) False
What does ‘a’ represent in the following graph?
  • a) Effectiveness factor
  • b) Catalytic efficiency
  • c) Kinetic control by the enzyme
  • d) Damkohler number
In case of immobilized enzymes, what type of inhibition is represented by the following equation?
  • a) Substrate
  • b) Product
  • c) Uncompetitive
  • d) Competitive
The plot in the following diagram are referred to as _______________
  • a) concentration profile
  • b) pH profile
  • c) arrhenius plot
  • d) hanes plot
What does the graph predict?
  • a) Effect of pH on activity of enzyme
  • b) Effect of substrate inhibition
  • c) Effect of temperature on activity on enzyme
  • d) Arrhenius plot
What does the diagram represent?
  • a) The effect of facilitated transport of hydrogen ions
  • b) Effect of substrate inhibition
  • c) The effect of diffusional control on pH activity profile of an immobilized enzyme
  • d) The effect of diffusional control on the local pH
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