In agriculture, biosensors have not been used for which of the following?
  • a) Detection of plant neutrients
  • b) Detect fertilizers
  • c) Detect toxic compounds
  • d) Detection pesticides
Biosensors are used in food industry to _________
  • a) sense taste
  • b) detect mustard gas
  • c) detect acid alcohols
  • d) determine fatigue
Glucose level as low as 0.mmol can be detected by using _________ enzyme.
  • a) penicillinase
  • b) putrescine oxidase
  • c) glucose oxidase
  • d) alcohol oxidase
To detect the freshness of meat of fish, which of the following enzyme is not required?
  • a) ATPase
  • b) Amino oxidase
  • c) Putrescine oxidase
  • d) Invertase muta-rotase
_____________ measures protein interaction in real time without any labelling technique.
  • a) Calorimetric biosensor
  • b) Surface Plasmon Resonance biosensor
  • c) Penicillin measuring biosensor
  • d) Portable biosensor
Pick the odd one out.
  • a) Acid
  • b) Fatigue
  • c) Alcohol
  • d) Phenol
Defense: mustard gas: Mining: __________
  • a) Fatigue
  • b) Toxic compounds and gases
  • c) BOD
  • d) Phenol
Graves’ disease is a result of less amount of ________ leading to physical and mental retardation in children.
  • a) Sugar
  • b) Thyroxine
  • c) RBCs
  • d) Lactic acid
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