What causes reduction in speed during the movement of wheels?
  • a) Slip
  • b) Acceleration
  • c) Pump
  • d) Hydraulics
How is traction and the direction of travel related?
  • a) Traction is the slip in the direction of travel
  • b) Traction is the force in the direction of travel
  • c) Traction is equal to the direction of travel
  • d) Traction is inversely proportional to the direction of travel
What is term used to designate the tractive force between the rubber tyres of the driving wheel and the surface on which they travel?
  • a) Rolling resistance
  • b) Crawler
  • c) Rim pull
  • d) Wheel slip
What are the chains known as in track frame assembly of the Crawler Tractor?
  • a) Track
  • b) Break
  • c) Pull
  • d) Idler
Which tyres are used for common tractors?
  • a) Metal
  • b) Tread
  • c) Welded
  • d) Pneumatic
Which motor is used in tramways?
  • a) AC single phase capacitor start motor
  • b) AC three phase motor
  • c) DC series motor
  • d) DC shunt motor
Overall efficiency of steam locomotive system is close to ________
  • a) 5-10%
  • b) 25-30%
  • c) 55-60%
  • d) 75-80%
Energy required to overcome the rolling resistance which is equal to the work done in deforming the soil is known as _________
  • a) Wheel slip
  • b) Rim pull
  • c) Tractive efficiency
  • d) Rolling resistance
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