Who commented that the brewing process is not aseptic?
  • a) Sheth
  • b) Hammond
  • c) Jordan
  • d) Bunker
Which of the following theme focusses on motivation, supervision, personal hygiene, etc.?
  • a) Personnel
  • b) Plant and equipment
  • c) Process control
  • d) Product
Which of the following theme includes drainage, lighting, etc.?
  • a) Product
  • b) Process control
  • c) Building environment
  • d) Legislation
Which theme emphasizes on Quality Assurance system?
  • a) Product
  • b) Process control
  • c) Building environment
  • d) Legislation
The product theme emphasizes on ______________
  • a) Design criteria
  • b) Motivation and supervision
  • c) Quality Assurance
  • d) Specification
What is the full form of HACCP?
  • a) Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points
  • b) Hazard Analysis and Complete Control Points
  • c) Hazard Analysis and Control of Complete Points
  • d) Hazard Analysis and Control of Critical Points
Who noted that CiP is an important process in industries?
  • a) Watson
  • b) Cords
  • c) Ball
  • d) Barnett
Which of the following is the longest part of the CiP cycle?
  • a) Drain
  • b) Detergent recirculation
  • c) Scavenge water rinse
  • d) Pre-rinse to drain
Who reviewed the application of ClO2 in the brewing industry?
  • a) Cadwallader
  • b) Fisher
  • c) Cords
  • d) Watson
Which of the following disrupts the microorganisms via osmotic shock?
  • a) Amphoterics
  • b) Biguanides
  • c) Peracetic acid
  • d) Chlorine
Which of the following has an application in soak and manual cleaning?
  • a) Chlorine
  • b) Peracetic acid
  • c) QACs
  • d) Amphoterics
Which of the following can react as an acid as well as the base?
  • a) QACs
  • b) Peracetic acid
  • c) Chlorine
  • d) Amphoterics
Pasteurization is practiced in three formats.
  • a) True
  • b) False
The legislation focuses on the responsibilities of awareness and compliance.
  • a) True
  • b) False
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