First commercial fluidized bed for gasification of powdered coal which was awarded patent inwas developed by?
  • a) Fritz Winker
  • b) Colburn Jake
  • c) Dolph Jagger
  • d) Cameron John
In below fig, how is the presence of another inlet of steam and air in the middle of the reactor useful?
  • a) It results in proper distribution of particles
  • b) Resultant temperature leads to decomposition of methane
  • c) It has not much effect and can be excluded
  • d) For increasing the speed of solids exit
Based on the current technology, do you consider Winkler gas producer efficient and is still better to use?
  • a) Yes, it can still be used
  • b) Depending on the process we should decide its efficiency
  • c) No, because of its high consumption of oxygen
  • d) No, because it is big in size.
Which is the best suitable equipment to be introduced in the thermofor catalytic cracking?
  • a) Bucket elevator
  • b) Gas lift
  • c) Bucket and Lift elevator
  • d) Pneumatic conveying system
In below fig, which part of the process should be removed for getting better efficiency of the process?
  • a) Cooler for spent catalyst
  • b) Electrostatic precipitation
  • c) No need of any removal
  • d) Whole process needs to be modified
What is the best way to prevent load on the dust collectors in the fluidized bed reactor?
  • a) Up flow beds
  • b) Down flow beds
  • c) Side flow beds
  • d) None of the mentioned
Which bed shown below, can provide with remarkable temperature uniformity for highly exothermic and temperature sensitive reactions?
  • a) Fluidized bed reactor
  • b) Spouted bed
  • c) Teeter bed
  • d) Batch reactor
Mention few processes where the solids circulation principle, developed for the FCC process has been used?
  • a) In fluid hydro-forming for re-forming naphtha vapour
  • b) Fluid coking for the treatment of heavy oil
  • c) Sand cracking for thermal cracking
  • d) All of the mentioned
In drying processes, how important is the inclusion of fluidized bed?
  • a) Most efficient drying
  • b) Somewhat better than spouted bed and less than teeter bed
  • c) Drying is best all the beds
  • d) Least efficient drying
Efficiency in fluidized bed for any process is the highest when compared with any other beds, true or false?
  • a) True
  • b) False
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