What happens if mineral oil is present in mixing for concrete?
  • a) Gives more slump
  • b) Improves strength
  • c) Gives a smooth surface
  • d) Reduces strength
What is wet process?
  • a) Grinding and mixing of the raw materials in their overheated state
  • b) Grinding and mixing of the raw materials in their wet state
  • c) Grinding and mixing of the raw materials in their dry state
  • d) Grinding and mixing of the raw materials in their medium state
Which of the following increases the workability of concrete?
  • a) Decreasing size of aggregates
  • b) Increasing flaky aggregates
  • c) Increasing size of aggregates
  • d) Increasing fine aggregates
The form work is usually removed after ________ for walls, columns, and the vertical faces of all structural components.
  • a) 24 to 48 hours
  • b) 72 hours
  • c) 56 hours
  • d) 24 hours
How is Creep related to the strength of concrete?
  • a) Directly proportional
  • b) Inversely proportional
  • c) Equal
  • d) Similar
What is equivalent flexural strength?
  • a) The load value, which represents the average load-carrying capacity in the post-peak region up to a deflection of L/n
  • b) The value of mean equivalent flexural strength adjusted to mean flexural strength
  • c) The stress is derived when the peak load value is included in the rupture modulus equation
  • d) The stress value produced when Pe,n is utilized in the equation of modulus of rupture to represent the average flexural strength in the post-peak zone up to a specific deflection of L/n
Which of the following stress can Plain cement concrete endure?
  • a) Shear stress
  • b) Tensile stress
  • c) Compressive stress
  • d) Tensile, compressive, and shear stresses
Which of the following is a discontinuity that occurs during the casting of molten metal and is caused by splashing, surging, or interrupted pouring?
  • a) Flaking
  • b) Blow hole
  • c) Cold shut
  • d) Burst
Which of the following property of a substance that resists abrasion or scratching that causes penetration or indentation?
  • a) Hardness
  • b) Stiffness
  • c) Toughness
  • d) Strength
Which of the following region absorbs less radiation and transmits more during radiography test for concrete?
  • a) Low density region
  • b) Low and high density regions adsorb
  • c) High density region
  • d) Low and high density regions absorb and transmit same amount of radiation
Which of the following is not a type of Non-destructive testing?
  • a) Ultrasonic test
  • b) Eddy current testing
  • c) Compression testing
  • d) Visual testing
For a compressive strength ofpsi, the light weight cement content is ________ pounds per cubic yard.
  • a) 630-750
  • b) 440-560
  • c) 740-840
  • d) 530-660
What happens when chalk is used?
  • a) Crushed raw materials are put into a grinding mill, where they are dried and reduced to a fine powder
  • b) It must be sieved and fed into a rotating dish known as a granulator
  • c) It must be finely broken up and dispersed in water in a wash mill
  • d) It must be blasted, then crushed, usually in two smaller crushers
High strength concrete is defined purely on the basis of ____________
  • a) Tensile strength
  • b) Compressive strength
  • c) Good Aggregrates
  • d) Poor Aggregrates
Which of the following is used to test the Standard consistency of cement?
  • a) Duff Abrams apparatus
  • b) Soundness meter
  • c) Vicat apparatus
  • d) Le Chatalier apparatus
What are Plasticizers?
  • a) Which reduces water for workability
  • b) Which oxidizes water for workability
  • c) Which decreases workability at the same water content
  • d) Which adds water for workability
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