Specific Heat (kJ/kg K) of apple is ________
  • a) 1.88
  • b) 1.67
  • c) 1.76
  • d) 1.42
The specific heat of a material can be determined by ______________
  • a) calorimetry
  • b) manometers
  • c) barometers
  • d) anemometer
Thermal energy is transported through the molecules due to _______and _______
  • a) lattice waves, free electrons
  • b) lattice waves, free protons
  • c) free protons, free electrons
  • d) lattice waves, longitudinal waves
________ is the heat content in a system per unit mass.
  • a) Specific heat
  • b) Enthalpy
  • c) Entropy
  • d) Latent heat
The effect of ______on the system is seen only as a phase change like the melting of ice.
  • a) Specific heat
  • b) Enthalpy
  • c) Entropy
  • d) Latent heat
Are these statements about the specific heat true?
  • a) True, False
  • b) True, True
  • c) False, True
  • d) False, False
Which of the following is not a thermal property in foods?
  • a) Surface heat transfer coefficient
  • b) Thermal diffusivity
  • c) Specific volume
  • d) Entropy
______ is the ability of a material to transmit a thermal disturbance.
  • a) Specific heat
  • b) Thermal diffusivity
  • c) Entropy
  • d) Latent heat
Who discovered latent heat?
  • a) Joseph Black
  • b) Josiah Willard Gibbs
  • c) Henri Becquerel
  • d) Stephen Gray
Which liquid has highest latent heat of vaporization?
  • a) Water
  • b) Alcohol
  • c) Oil
  • d) Mecury
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