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Guess the country on the given Geometry Map Quiz. Lets play and learn about continents, countries, mountains, lakes, rivers etc with Geography Map Quiz Game. Test your Geographical knowledge with Geography Map Quiz Online. Geography Trivia Quizzes helps the students to interesting facts about countries, capitals, flags, oceans and so on. So, play Geography Quiz Game to enhance your skills.

Africa Quiz

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Africa Questions and Answers

Africa Quiz Question Answer
Which body of water borders Africa to the north? Mediterranean Sea
Which African country is completely surrounded by South Africa? Lesotho
Mount Kilimanjaro is located in which country? Tanzania
How many capitals is South Africa considered to have? 3
Which sea runs between Africa and the Middle Eastern states of Saudi Arabia and Yemen? Red Sea
The Nile River flows in which direction? North
Addis Ababa is the capital of which country? Ethiopia
Lake Victoria borders which of the following countries? Kenya
What island country is located to the southeast of the mainland? Madagascar
Africa is made up of how many countries? 54

African Capitals Quiz

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African Capitals Questions and Answers

African Capitals Quiz Question Answer
What is the capital of Morocco? Rabat
Which of the following African capitals is not located along the Mediterranean Sea? Dakar
Antananarivo is the capital of which country? Madagascar
Which African capital is the most populated? Cairo
What is the northernmost capital in Africa? Tunis
Which of the following countries has an eponymous (named after itself) capital? Djibouti
How many capitals does South Africa have? 3
What's the capital of Ethiopia? Addis Ababa
The capital of which African country was named after an American president? Liberia
Before Abuja became its capital, what was the capital of Nigeria? Lagos

African Countries Quiz

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African Countries Questions and Answers

African Countries Quiz Question Answer
The southernmost African country is South Africa. What is the northernmost country? Tunisia
What is the smallest African country? Seychelles
Africa is home to many animals you won't find elsewhere in the world. In which African country does the fossa live? Madagascar
Many African athletes have made it big outside Africa. From which African country is 4-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year Dikembe Mutombo from? Democratic Republic of the Congo
Shaka, the famous African warrior chieftain of the Zulu tribe, was born in which country? South Africa
The beautiful Serengeti National Park is maintained by Kenya, and what another country? Tanzania
The Sahara Desert spans several African countries. Which of the following countries does the Sahara NOT cover? Liberia
Which of the following African countries has a capital city that has the same name as the country? Djibouti
According to the United Nations, how many countries are in Africa? 54
Oil is a big export of Africa. Which country is the biggest oil exporter in Africa? Nigeria

African Flags Quiz

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African Flags Questions and Answers

African Flags Quiz Question Answer
Can you guess the African country by the flag? South Africa

Asian Capitals Quiz

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Asian Capitals Questions and Answers

Asian Capitals Quiz Question Answer
The meaning of which Asian capital is the "Place of Dreams"? Manama
Which capital city is sacred to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam? Jerusalem
Which Asian capital has another name that is the longest name of a capital city in the world? Bangkok
The wealthy city called "Forbidden City" is located in the capital of which Asian country? China
Dushanbe is the capital of which Asian country? Tajikistan
The world's largest medieval fortress is located in which Asian capital? Moscow
Qutub Minar is situated in which Asian capital city? New Delhi
Which Asian capital city was earlier known as "Edo"? Tokyo
In which capital city can you find the Petronas Twin Towers? Kuala Lumpur
Chollima Statue is situated in which Asian capital? Pyongyang

Asian Countries Quiz

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Asian Countries Questions and Answers

Asian Countries Quiz Question Answer
Between China and India, there is a tiny country called? Bhutan
Which mountain of Asia is the tallest in the world? Mount Everest
Asia is separated from Africa by? The Suez Canal
Which of the following Asian countries is located in an area known as the "Ring of Fire?” Indonesia
What Strait separates Korea from Japan? The Tsushima Strait
Along the northern border of India lies the mountain range called? Himalayan Mountains
Which of the following Asian cities is considered to be the largest in the world? Tokyo
Which Asian country has the longest life expectancy? Japan
The Bering Strait separates Asia from which continent? North America
The lowest place on Earth's land surface is found in Asia and is called? The Dead Sea

Asians Flags Quiz

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Asians Flags Questions and Answers

Asians Flags Quiz Question Answer
Can you guess the Asian country by the flag? South Korea

Australian Quiz

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Australian Questions and Answers

Australian Quiz Question Answer
What is the predominant color on the Australian flag? Blue
Previously called Ayers Rock, Uluru is a sandstone rock formation that can be found where in Australia? Northern Territory
What is the largest state? Western Australia
Which line runs through the country of Australia? Tropic of Capricorn
Lake Eyre and Lake Torrens are located in which Australian state? South Australia
Which Australian state reaches furthest south? Tasmania
Sydney is the capital of which Australian state? New South Wales
Australia is bordered by which ocean to the west? Indian
How many states is Australia made up of? 6
What is the capital of Australia? Canberra

Canada Quiz

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Canada Questions and Answers

Canada Quiz Question Answer
What is the capital of Canada? Ottawa
Hudson Bay borders how many Canadian territories and provinces? 4
What is the capital of Quebec? Quebec City
How many oceans does Canada share a border with? 3
Which province or territory is the farthest north? Nunavut
Which city would you find the CN Tower? Toronto
Which territory shares most of its Northwest border with Alaska? Yukon Territory
What is the largest province in Canada? Quebec
Which of the following Canadian cities lies on the border of one of the Great Lakes? Toronto
When you combine the number, how many provinces and territories does Canada have? 13

Canadian Quiz

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Canadian Questions and Answers

Canadian Quiz Question Answer
Who is Canada's prime minister? Justin Trudeau
What is the approximate population of Canada? 37 million
Which sport is the country well-known for? Hockey
What is the name of the major waterfall located in the country? Niagara Falls
Who discovered Canada? Jacques Cartier
When ranking largest to smallest countries in the world, where does Canada fall? #2
In what year did Canada gain its independence from the UK? 1867
What is Canada's largest city? Toronto

China Quiz

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China Questions and Answers

China Quiz Question Answer
Which city in China is nicknamed the Chicago of China? Wuhan
The Terracotta Army was built during the rule of which dynasty in China? Qin Dynasty
Which city in China is nicknamed the Venice of the East? Suzhou
Marco Polo reached China inWho was the ruler of China at that time? Kublai Khan
The rule of which dynasty is also regarded as the Golden Age in the history of China? Han Dynasty
How many times zones lie in China? 1
The oldest and largest canal in the world is found in China? By what name is it recognized? Grand Canal
Which year saw the start of the Cultural Revolution in China? 1966
How many provinces does China have? 23
In which year was Macau returned to China? 1999

Continents Quiz

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Continents Questions and Answers

Continents Quiz Question Answer
Name the city that is situated on two continents? Istanbul
In which continent does the longest river lie? Africa
The North Pole belongs to which continent? None
Through how many continents does the Equator pass? 3
What type of continent is Laurasia? Supercontinent
Which is the smallest continent? Australia
The South Pole belongs to which continent? Antarctica
Which continent is the most populous? Asia
The largest desert in the world is located in which continent? Antarctica
Brazil is located in which continent? South America

Countries Of The World Quiz

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Countries Of The World Questions and Answers

Countries Of The World Quiz Question Answer
What country has the longest coastline in the world? Canada
What is the only country in the world without a capital city? Nauru
In what country will you find the most ancient pyramids? Sudan
What is the most sparsely populated country in the world? Mongolia
Which country is home to the first UNESCO World Heritage Site? Ecuador
What country has the longest life expectancy in the world? Monaco
What country has the highest permanent settlement in the world? Peru
What is the only country in the world to lie entirely at 1,000 m above sea level? Lesotho
What was the first country, outside of the United States, to adopt the US dollar as its official currency? Panama
What is the largest landlocked country in the world? Kazakhstan

Earth Day Quiz

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Earth Day Questions and Answers

Earth Day Quiz Question Answer
In which year was Earth Day celebrated for the first time? 1970
Which layer in the upper part of the atmosphere prevents the sun’s harmful UV rays from reaching earth’s surface? Ozone layer
Which government agency was created on the first Earth Day? The Environmental Protection Agency
What is formed when smoke reacts with industrial fog? Smog
Name the gas responsible for global warming? Carbon-di-oxide
Name the most abundant gas in Earth's atmosphere? Nitrogen
Where does Earth stand in terms of size as compared to other planets in the solar system? Fifth Largest
Name the major cause for the thinning of the ozone layer? Chlorofluorocarbon
20% of the planet’s oxygen is produced from one region on the earth. Which region is it? The Amazon rainforest
The founder of Earth Day is a senator from which US state? Wisconsin

Europe Quiz

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Europe Questions and Answers

Europe Quiz Question Answer
What is the only country in Europe that shares a border with Portugal? Spain
The Pyrenees are a mountain chain that lie along the border of France and which country? Spain
Which of the following is NOT an island in the Mediterranean Sea? Faroe Islands
What is the continent's longest river? Volga
Which country has two independent states within its border? Italy
The UK is made up of how many nations? 4
What is the capital of the Czech Republic? Prague
What is the capital of Denmark? Copenhagen
Which sea is to the north of Poland? Baltic
Which country is said to be located in both Europe and Asia? Russia

European Capitals Quiz

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European Capitals Questions and Answers

European Capitals Quiz Question Answer
What is the capital city of the country known as the happiest country on earth? Copenhagen
What is the capital city of the Netherlands based on their constitution? Amsterdam
What is the capital city of this European country known for pizza? Rome
What is the capital city that lies in the center of the North German Plains? Berlin
What is the name of the capital of, and largest city in, Austria? Vienna
What is the name of the European capital known as the City of Love? Paris
What is the modern name of the city founded by Peter the Great in 1703? St. Petersburg
What is the name of Finland's capital city? Helsinki
What was the old name of the capital of Spain? Mayrit
Which city in Portugal is its capital and can be found on the Atlantic coast? Lisbon

European Countries Quiz

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European Countries Questions and Answers

European Countries Quiz Question Answer
Which of the following landmarks can be found in Greece? Acropolis
Which country is said to be shaped like a boot? Italy
Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, and Ukraine are all bordered by the same country to the East. What is it? Russia
What mountain range makes up the border between France and Spain? The Pyrenees
Which country is farther north? Finland
Which two countries were once one? Czech Republic & Slovakia
Which sea borders Europe? Mediterranean
What is the capital of Germany? Berlin
France shares its southern border with which country? Spain
Which country is in both Europe and Asia? Turkey

European Flags Quiz

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European Flags Questions and Answers

European Flags Quiz Question Answer
Can you guess the European country by the flag? Portugal

Europe Map Quiz

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Europe Map Questions and Answers

Europe Map Quiz Question Answer
Can you guess the country from the map? United Kingdom

Irish Quiz

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Irish Questions and Answers

Irish Quiz Question Answer
Which Irish town name means "Ford of the Kings?” Athenry
What is the least populous county in Ireland? Leitrim
What is the county town of Waterford? Dungarvan
What is Ireland's tallest mountain? Carrauntoohil
Which county in Ireland takes its name from the Vikings? County Waterford
What is the smallest county on the island of Ireland? County Louth
Which is the longest river in Ireland? River Shannon
Which town's name translates as "church of the sloes?” Killarney
What is the biggest lake in Ireland? Lough Neagh
In which province are the Knockmealdown Mountains? Munster

Mexico Quiz

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Mexico Questions and Answers

Mexico Quiz Question Answer
Which Mexican town near the coast of the Pacific Ocean is known for its cliff divers? Acapulco
Name the hottest desert in Mexico? Sonoran Desert
What is the color of water in Las Coloradas Lake? Pink
What is the height of the highest mountain in Mexico? 5,610 m (18,405 ft)
Which Mexican city is also called “Mexico's Silicon Valley?” Guadalajara
Which is the longest river in Mexico? Rio Grande
Name the largest lake in Mexico? Lake Chapala
How many states is Mexico divided into? 31
The ancient Mayan city of Uxmal is located in which state of Mexico? Yucatán
Name the largest desert in Mexico? Chihuahuan Desert

Ocean Quiz

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Ocean Questions and Answers

Ocean Quiz Question Answer
The deepest point of the five oceans, and in fact the Earth, lies in the Pacific Ocean? What is the point called? The Mariana Trench
What is the name of the longest mountain range on Earth? Mid-Oceanic Range
Which gas is found dissolved in the maximum concentration in ocean water? Nitrogen
Which is the shallowest ocean among the five? Arctic Ocean
What is the name of the remotest point in the ocean? Point Nemo
Name the tallest mountain located in the Pacific Ocean? Mauna Kea
The highest underwater cliffs (seamount) are found in which region? Hawaii
How much is the pressure in Mariana Trench? 8 tonnes / sq. in. (17,920 psi)
Of the five oceans, which one is the saltiest? Atlantic Ocean
What is the length of the largest blue whale ever found? 33 meters (111 ft)

South America Quiz

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South America Questions and Answers

South America Quiz Question Answer
What is the capital of Brazil? Brasilia
Which of the following is an official language of a country in South America? Dutch
How many countries does the Amazon River run through? 3
What is the most common language in South America? Portuguese
Machu Picchu, one of the seven wonders of the world, is located in which country? Peru
Which South American country has two capital cities? Bolivia
What is the largest country on the South American continent? Brazil
Ecuador and Chile are the only two countries in South America that don't share a border with which country? Brazil
What is the name of the mountain range that lies along the western border of the continent? The Andes
How many countries are there in South America? 13

Spain Quiz

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Spain Questions and Answers

Spain Quiz Question Answer
Which is the highest mountain in Spain? Teide
Name the Spanish city known for its working aqueducts. Segovia
Which country shares the longest border with Spain? Portugal
Name the African country that borders Spain? Morocco
How many countries border Spain? 5
Which water body is to the north of Spain? Bay of Biscay
Name the largest lake in Spain? Sanabria Lake
Which country shares a 1km border with Spain? Gibraltar
Which is the longest river in Spain? Tagus
Name the Spanish territory that is in Africa? Melilla and Ceuta

States And Capitals Quiz

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States And Capitals Questions and Answers

States And Capitals Quiz Question Answer
The US Naval Academy is found in which US capital? Annapolis
The Mall of America, the largest shopping center in the US, is found in what US state? Minnesota
Which US state is known as the "Show Me State?” Missouri
The main setting of the popular novel and movie series Twilight is in which US State? Washington
John Denver's popular song Take Me Home Country Roads mentions which US state? West Virginia
The carvings of the world-famous Mt. Rushmore are found in which US state? South Dakota
Among the current US states, a few were once independent nations for a time. Which of the following states was once its own republic? Vermont
Which US state's capital city has the highest elevation? New Mexico
The Mississippi River is the largest river in the US. Which of the following states does it NOT border or flow through? Indiana
Which of the following is the northernmost US capital? Juneau

States Of Us Map Quiz

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States Of Us Map Questions and Answers

States Of Us Map Quiz Question Answer
Can you guess the US state from the map? Oklahoma

Travelers Quiz

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Travelers Questions and Answers

Travelers Quiz Question Answer
In which country are the chocolate hills located? Philippines
How many countries does Austria border? 8
In which country is Mount Bromo located? Indonesia
Whitsunday Islands are a part of which country? Australia
The famous road “Avenue of the Baobabs” is in which country? Madagascar
In which city are the Spanish steps located? Rome
Iguazu Falls are a part of how many countries? 2
Name the largest country in South America. Brazil
Aruba Caribbean Island is a territory of which European country? Netherlands
In which country is the Göreme National Park located? Turkey

Us State Capitals Quiz

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Us State Capitals Questions and Answers

Us State Capitals Quiz Question Answer
What is the smallest state capital in America? Montpelier, Vermont
What state capital has America's only human rights monument? Boise, Idaho
On the steps of which old state capitol did Barak Obama announce his presidential candidacy in February 2007? Springfield, Illinois
What is the oldest state capital? Santa Fe, New Mexico
Which state capital has the most inhabitants? Phoenix, Arizona
What is the capital of Alaska? Juneau
What state capital is the home of Coca-Cola? Atlanta, Georgia
What is the most northern state capital in the 48 contiguous states? Olympia, Washington
What state capital can claim that perforated toilet paper was invented there? Albany, New York
What is the state capital of California? Sacramento

Us States Quiz

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Us States Questions and Answers

Us States Quiz Question Answer
Which state is the farthest west? Alaska
Which state is bordered by the most states? Missouri
The Mississippi River empties into the Gulf of Mexico through which state? Louisiana
How many states border Mexico? 4
Which of the following is a Great Lake? Huron
What is the capital of New York? Albany
In which state would you find Mount Rushmore? South Dakota
Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin are the four biggest cities in which state? Texas
Which state has the most people? California
What is the first state? Delaware

Wonders Of The World Quiz

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Wonders Of The World Questions and Answers

Wonders Of The World Quiz Question Answer
How long is the Great Wall of China? Wonders Of The World Trivia Quiz (Unbelievable) | Quiz Beez
Who built the hanging gardens of Babylon? Nebuchadnezzar II
The Taj Mahal is an example of how many styles of architecture? 3
The Colosseum in Rome is said to the capacity to seat how many people? 50,000
From which century were the seven wonders of the modern world chosen? 20th century
How many pyramids are known to have been built in Giza? 3
What is the color of the ancient city of Petra? Pink
Which of the wonders of the world is said to be the largest Mayan city ever built? Chichen Itza
What is the other name for the Lost City of the Incas? Machu Picchu
Which one of the world's wonders is the final resting place of the 4th century BC satrap of the Persian empire? The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus

World Capitals Quiz

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World Capitals Questions and Answers

World Capitals Quiz Question Answer
Which capital city has the nickname "White City of the North?” Helsinki
What is the capital of Israel? Jerusalem
Name the world's coldest capital city? Mongolia
What is the capital of Norway? Oslo
Which capital city was invaded by Genghis Khan in the 13th century? Kabul
What is the capital of Peru? Lima
Vaduz is the capital of which country? Liechtenstein
Name the hottest capital city in the world? Khartoum
Which capital city was originally called the "City of Kings?” Lima
Which is the world's most remote capital? Wellington

World Flags Quiz

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World Flags Questions and Answers

World Flags Quiz Question Answer
Can you guess the country by the flag? Australia

World Geography Quiz

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World Geography Questions and Answers

World Geography Quiz Question Answer
Where are the Black Forests located? Germany
In the Bible, the Kutsch Region of south Iraq was mentioned as what? Garden of Eden
Where is the maximum formation of the ozone hole? Antarctica
Papua New Guinea also includes which islands? New Britain and New Ireland
In London, there is a futures and options trading exchange that operates the world's largest marketplace for trading base metals. What is it called? London Metal Exchange
Where were 'Dykes' specially constructed? Holland
Which of the following countries does Helgoland belong to? Germany
Which among the choices is a part of the infrastructure sector? Transportation systems
The famous Yellowstone National Park is located in which U.S. state? Wyoming
Cut flowers, cut foliage, and flower bulbs are traded globally. Which of these is the hub of the global trade in cut flowers? Netherlands