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Holidays are the best time to spend over all the year. If you to travel different places then it is the best platform for the travelers to play Holiday Quiz Game. This game is very for the players who love to travel around the world. Check out Holiday Trivia Questions from here. It also helps you to get the best holiday ideas.

Where Should I Go On Holiday? | Fun Holiday Trivia Quiz

Do I need a holiday quiz? If this is your doubt then our answer is yes. Because Holiday Quiz game is the best entertaining game of all to play with your family and friends.

Holiday Quiz questions are about seasonal holidays, festival vacations, weekend vacations etc.

4Th Of July Trivia Quiz

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4Th Of July Trivia Questions and Answers

4Th Of July Trivia Quiz Question Answer
Which major department store is known for its large fireworks show? Macy's
Every 4th of July, the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia rings how many times? 13
How much money do Americans spend on the 4th of July fireworks every year? Over $1 billion
When did the 4th of July become a federal holiday? 1870
Fireworks are a normal part of the current 4th of July celebrations. Which was the first city to showcase fireworks for a holiday? Philadelphia
In which city was the Declaration of Independence signed? Philadelphia
Who is credited with being the main writer of the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
In what month was the Declaration of Independence signed by everyone? August
The 4th of July is celebrated every year, but in which year was America's independence from Great Britain actually declared? 1776
When was the Bicentennial Celebrated? 1976

Boxing Day Quiz

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Boxing Day Questions and Answers

Boxing Day Quiz Question Answer
In which country did the idea of Boxing Day originate? United Kingdom
In which year did the deadliest natural disaster in the history of Boxing Day happen? 2004
On which day is Boxing Date celebrated every year? 26-Dec
A Boxing Day cricket test match is played in Australia every year on Boxing Day. Which city is it played in? Melbourne
Which practice was once a popular activity in England on Boxing Day? Hunting Wrens
A saint’s birthday is also celebrated on Boxing Day. Name the saint? St. Stephen
What is the other name for Boxing Day? Shopping Day
In which country is Boxing Day known as the Day of Goodwill? South Africa
In the United Kingdom, which sport matches are often played on Boxing Day? Football
In which country is Boxing Day a Federal statutory holiday? Canada

Christmas Jesus And Santa Quiz

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Christmas Jesus And Santa Questions and Answers

Christmas Jesus And Santa Quiz Question Answer
Which animal carried Mary before she gave birth to Jesus? Donkey
What is Jesus Birth Date? December 25
What was Jesus’ original religion? Jewish
How many wise men were they? 3
The name of Santa Claus evolves from which name? Sinterklaas
Where was born St. Nicholas, which is also known as Santa Claus? Turkey
Who told Mary that she was pregnant with a child? Angel Gabriel
What is the common name of Santa Claus in Italian? Babbo Natale
To where did Jesus' family escape from Bethlehem? Egypt
What is the meaning of "Emmanuel," one of the other names of Jesus? God is with us

Christmas Movie Quiz

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Christmas Movie Questions and Answers

Christmas Movie Quiz Question Answer
What city is Home Alone set in? Chicago
Which Christmas movie came under the scrutiny of the FBI? It's A Wonderful Life
What Christmas movie script needed toning down to make it more family-friendly? Gremlins
Who accidentally drops the f-bomb several times in Home Alone? Joe Pesci
What Christmas movie role were Eddie Murphy and Jack Nicholson both considered for? The Grinch
What Christmas movie does George Clooney's aunt appear in? White Christmas
Which actor needed the help of a CIA torture endurance specialist while filming a Christmas movie? Jim Carrey
What Christmas movie has Donald Trump playing a cameo role as himself? Home Alone 2
What is the most financially successful Christmas movie? Home Alone
What Christmas movie did ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair use when talking about UK-US relations? Love Actually

Christmas Song Quiz

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Christmas Song Questions and Answers

Christmas Song Quiz Question Answer
In the classic song "Last Christmas," Wham! sing that last Christmas, they gave what away? Heart
In the song "Twelve Days of Christmas," what did "my true love give to me" on the fourth day? Calling Birds
Which popular Christmas duet has received recent criticisms for its lyrics? Baby, It's Cold Outside
What Christmas song was written for the 1983 Ethiopia famine? Do They Know It's Christmas
While most popular Christmas songs are from the '90s and before, this artist is known for her Christmas song "Santa Tell Me.” Ariana Grande
Quite possibly one of the most famous Christmas songs ever performed, "All I Want for Christmas Is You,” was made famous by which singer? Mariah Carey
Which singer popularized the Christmas classic "Santa Baby? Eartha Kitt
In "The Christmas Song" by Nat King Cole, he says children range from ages one to what? 92
The popular Spanish-language Christmas song "Feliz Navidad" is sung by whom? Jose Feliciano
Mistletoe is a popular plant that people kiss under for Christmas. Which of the following musical artists has a Christmas song titled "Mistletoe?” Justin Bieber

Cinco De Mayo Quiz

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Cinco De Mayo Questions and Answers

Cinco De Mayo Quiz Question Answer
In which year was the battle of Puebla fought? 1862
Which other holiday is Cinco de Mayo most frequently confused with? Mexican Independence Day
In which year did a US President proclaim to celebrate Cinco De Mayo in the USA? 2005
What was the name of the President who helped Mexico gain its independence? Benito Juarez
In which city does the largest Cinco de Mayo celebration in the world take place? Los Angeles
What year was the city of La Puebla founded? 1531
Where is the military commemoration in Mexico held on Cinco De Mayo? Campo Marte
Which historic battle does Cinco de Mayo celebrate? Battle of Puebla
What was the name of the General who led the war of Mexico against France? Ignacio Zaragoza
On what date is the festival of Cinco de Mayo celebrated? May 5th

Easter Quiz

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Easter Questions and Answers

Easter Quiz Question Answer
Which is the meat traditionally eaten on Easter Sunday? Lamb
In what country is it a tradition to burn your Christmas tree at Easter? Germany
What is the traditional Easter flower? Lily
Who worshipped the god Eostre, from whom the name 'Easter' derives? The Saxons
Which former White House press secretary used to be the White House Easter Bunny? Sean Spicer
What is the only holiday where Americans spend more money on candy than Easter? Halloween
In the Bible, who discovered Jesus's tomb empty? Mary Magdalene
What country does the Easter Bunny come from? Germany
Who was the first US president to start the annual White House Easter Egg Roll? Rutherford Hayes

Fathers Day Quiz

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Fathers Day Questions and Answers

Fathers Day Quiz Question Answer
Which gift is considered the most popular gift for fathers on Father's Day? Tie
Which flower is considered the official flower for Father’s Day? Rose
In which country is Father’s Day celebrated with women remaining at home and men enjoying all-male activities such as biking and hiking? Germany
Which country has no official date for celebrating Father's Day? China
In which country does a parade mark Father’s Day? Russia
Which Sunday of June is considered Father's Day? Third
Who is credited to have coined the idea of Father’s Day? Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd
In which year was the first Father’s Day celebrated? 1910
Which American president signed the declaration recognizing the third week of June as Father’s Day? Lyndon Johnson
Who was the first American President to have supported the idea of Father’s Day? Calvin Coolidge

Funny Christmas Quiz

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Funny Christmas Questions and Answers

Funny Christmas Quiz Question Answer
Which kissing plant can actually cause adults to feel nauseous and dizzy? Mistletoe
What spy is hanging around your house to let Santa know if you've been naughty or nice? Elf on a Shelf
In the movie, "Mean Girls," what Christmas song do the girls perform for the talent show? Jingle Bell Rock
Stink, stank, stunk" is a phrase that is used to describe which character? The Grinch
In which movie does a young Flick get his tongue stuck on a frozen flagpole? A Christmas Story
Which reindeer has a red nose? Rudolph
In "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer," who else believes in Santa? Grandpa
What a Scrooge! In Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," what is Ebenezer Scrooge known for saying? Bah, humbug!
Macaulay Culkin stars in what comedic holiday classic? Home Alone
What is Frosty the Snowman's eyes made out of? Coal

Halloween Quiz

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Halloween Questions and Answers

Halloween Quiz Question Answer
What animal is considered in danger during Halloween? Black cats
What do the residents of Des Moines call their trick or treat activity? Beggars' Night
What Celtic festival is considered as the origin of Halloween? Samhain
What can you find during Halloween night when you stand before a mirror with a candle? Future husband's face
What can you use to protect your home from evil spirits during Halloween night? Salt
When was trick or treating temporarily stopped? During World War II
What is the name of the custom of going from house to house asking for candies or other treats? Trick or treat
What is the fear of Halloween called? Samhainophobia
What is the equivalent of Halloween in Mexico? Dias de los Muertos
What is a jack o' lantern usually made from? Pumpkin

Hanukkah Quiz

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Hanukkah Questions and Answers

Hanukkah Quiz Question Answer
What is the name given to the candelabra with nine candles? Menorah
For how many nights is the Hanukkah festival held? 8
Who was the Prime Minister of Israel when the Menorah was lit at the White House for the first time? David Ben Gurion
Which place in the world has the largest Menorah? New York
Who was the first President to have celebrated Hanukkah in the White House? Harry Truman
Where has the word Hanukkah been derived from? Hebrew
What is meant by the word ‘Hanukkah?’ Dedication
The food prepared during Hanukkah is fried as a symbol for a particular thing. What is it? Miracle Oil
What is the name given the candle placed at the center in Menorah? Shamash
In which year was the Menorah lit in the White House for the first time? 1951

Labor Day Quiz

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Labor Day Questions and Answers

Labor Day Quiz Question Answer
In which city in the USA were the first celebrations of Labor Day held? New York
The American Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of which month? September
Which organization is considered as the first important Labor organization at the national level in the United States of America? Knights of Labor
On what day is Labor Day observed in other countries? 1-May
When was Labor Day approved as a national holiday in the USA? 1894
When did the idea of a Labor Day come into existence? 1882
Who was the President of the United States when the bill pertaining to Labor Day was passed? Grover Cleveland
On which date was the first Labor Day celebrated in New York? 5-Sep-1882
What is the common surname of the two people who are credited with conceiving the idea of Labor Day? McGuire
In which city in the USA was Labor Day officially marked as a public holiday? New York City

Memorial Day Quiz

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Memorial Day Questions and Answers

Memorial Day Quiz Question Answer
The National Moment of Remembrance was enacted so that Americans could remember the sacrifices made for their country. What year was this established? 2000
On Memorial Day, what song is played at 3:00 pm to remember all fallen American soldiers? Taps
Today in the USA, Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday of May. What was the original day in May assigned to this holiday? May 30
What is the name of the poem that helped inspire many of the traditions of Memorial Day? In Flanders Fields
Due to the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, Memorial Day was moved to the last Monday of May inWhat was the purpose of this? For more holiday rest
The poppy is considered the official flower of Memorial Day. What color poppy is used on this important holiday? Red
Aside from remembering the fallen patriots, what else is Memorial Day Weekend unofficially considered as? Start of summer
Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day. Who gave it this name? John A. Logan
Beginning as a day to remember the fallen soldiers of the American Civil War, Memorial Day's scope of remembrance changed after which other war? World War I
Which town was given the honor of being the origin of Memorial Day? Waterloo

Mothers Day Quiz

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Mothers Day Questions and Answers

Mothers Day Quiz Question Answer
Which country awarded medals to mothers with large families in the 1920s? France
Which of the following flowers are often associated with Mother’s Day? Carnations
Mother's Day in Bolivia commemorates which Battle? Battle of La Coronilla
Who is said to have introduced Mother’s Day in Egypt? Mustafa Amin
Which U.S. President officially established Mother’s Day? Woodrow Wilson
Which festival in Buddhism is derived from the story of Maudgalyayana and his mother? Ullambana
Which holiday was the precursor to the modern Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom? Mothering Sunday
Which country celebrates Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of February? Norway
In the Roman Catholic Church, Mother’s Day is most associated with admiration for whom? Virgin Mary
In which year was the modern Mother's Day first celebrated? 1907

New Years Quiz

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New Years Questions and Answers

New Years Quiz Question Answer
In the Southern United States, it's tradition to eat what food on New Year's Day? Black Eyes Peas
In the United States, many gather to watch the ball drop in which major city? New York City
Hogmanay is another name used for New Year's Eve in which country? Scotland
By tradition, Spaniards eat 12 of which fruit at midnight on New Year's Eve? Grapes
When did the Times Square New Year's Eve celebration start? 1904
Which of the following songs is often associated with New Years'? Auld Lang Syne
What is the first country to celebrate each New Year? Tonga
By tradition, what is the first thing that many people do in the New Year? Kiss
On what day does New Years' take place every year? January 1
Every year, people make "a firm decision to do or not to do something." What are they called? Resolutions

Passover Quiz

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Passover Questions and Answers

Passover Quiz Question Answer
A special prayer is said on the first day of the Passover festival. What is asked for in this prayer? Dew
For how many days is the Passover observed? 7
What is the name of the special prayer recited on the first day of the Passover festival? Tefillah Tal
One of the greatest events in a religious text has mentioned this holiday. Which religious text is this? Hebrew Bible
The karpas is one of the six foods on a Seder plate. In which liquid are they dipped? Saltwater
The world's largest matzah ball was created in which city in 2010? Kathmandu
The arrival of the Israelites to the Red Sea is celebrated on which day of the Passover festival? Final Day
What is the other name for the Passover holiday? Pesach
Name the most important figure in the Passover? Moses
During the Seder evening, according to the tradition, how many times do we wash our hands? 2

St Patricks Day Quiz

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St Patricks Day Questions and Answers

St Patricks Day Quiz Question Answer
Where is St. Patrick from? The U.K.
Legend has it that St. Patrick drove what animal out of Ireland? Snakes
New York City is well-known for its St. Patrick's Day parade. When did it first happen? 1762
Every year a major city dyes its river green to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. What city is it? Chicago
What is the color associated with Saint Patrick? Blue
What is the name of the three-leafed plant associated with St. Patrick's Day? Shamrock
Patrick was his priest's name. What was his real name? Maewyn
In what month is St. Patrick's Day celebrated? March
What country is St. Patrick's Day often linked to? Ireland
March 17th was chosen as St. Patrick's Day to commemorate what? His death

Thanksgiving Quiz

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Thanksgiving Questions and Answers

Thanksgiving Quiz Question Answer
What meat did they eat at the first Thanksgiving celebration? Venison
What do we call the day after Thanksgiving? Black Friday
Which department store is known for its Thanksgiving Day Parade? Macy's
Thanksgiving once fell on the third Thursday in November. Which President made it so? Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Where did the first Thanksgiving take place? Plymouth
Which of the following NFL teams normally hosts a Thanksgiving Day game? Detroit Lions
In the United States, when is Thanksgiving celebrated? 4th Thursday in November
Which president refused to make Thanksgiving a holiday? Thomas Jefferson
What year was the first Thanksgiving? 1621
How many days was the first Thanksgiving? 3

Valentines Day Quiz

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Valentines Day Questions and Answers

Valentines Day Quiz Question Answer
What Roman Emperor supposedly had Saint Valentine executed? Claudius II
How many Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year globally? A billion
How much money did the average American spend on Valentine’s Day in 2019? 162
Where did the largest ever group kiss take place on Valentine’s Day, 2010? Mexico City
What type of restaurants do people prefer on Valentine’s Day? Italian
Apart from lovers, what is St. Valentine also the patron saint of? Beekeepers
What does SAD mean? Singles Awareness Day
In which country is Valentine’s Day more about friends than loved ones? Finland
Who receives the most Valentine’s Day cards? Teachers
What do Japanese women do on Valentine’s Day? Give chocolate to men