Human Body Quiz for Kids - How the Human Body Works?

How much do you know about Human Body? Lets test your knowledge with Human Body Quiz Game. Here is the Quiz on identifying the human body parts and organs. This game is all about answering the questions related to body parts, muscles, cells, anatomy, bones, organs, brain functions, etc. Play Human Body Quiz Online to improve your science knowledge and become smarter.

Human Body Quiz with Answers | How well do you know the human body quiz

Learn more interesting facts about the body parts with Human Body Quiz Game. Get Funny Human Body Quiz Questions with Answers from here. The Human Body Quiz is available for students of all grades and also for adults. Take the fun human body quiz and start answering all the questions. After finishing the quiz players will the total count the correct answers and wrong answers.

Amino Acid Quiz

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Amino Acid Questions and Answers

Amino Acid Quiz Question Answer
What is the main function of amino acids in the body? Building blocks of proteins
Name the amino acid used to treat Parkinson's disease. L-dihydroxyphenylalanine
Name the smallest amino acid? Glycine
What are non-proteinogenic amino acids known as? Free Amino acids
Protein in our body is assembled by how many amino acids? 20
Name the amino acid that is important for infant growth? L-Histidine
Which amino acid is important for managing ammonia in our body? Glutamine
What is the name of the carbon atom that is found in each molecule of an amino acid? α-carbon
How many key elements make up an amino acid? 4
What are the amino acids that cannot be synthesized in our body known as? Essential amino acids

Anatomy Quiz

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Anatomy Questions and Answers

Anatomy Quiz Question Answer
What is the normal body temperature? 98.6 F
About how long are the small intestines? 25 feet
How many teeth do adults have? 32
How many senses are there? 5
The X and Y chromosomes determine what? Gender
Generally, in which direction is the heart located in? Center
Which blood type is the universal donor? O
Most humans cannot breathe and what? Swallow
Which is the only body part that has no blood supply? Cornea
The pancreas is a part of which organ system? Digestive

Anatomy And Physiology Quiz

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Anatomy And Physiology Questions and Answers

Anatomy And Physiology Quiz Question Answer
What is the only part of the body that can't heal itself? The teeth
What is borborygmi? The noise of your stomach rumbling when hungry
What is the intergluteal cleft the official name for? The crack between your butt cheeks.
What part of the body has the thinnest skin? Eye lid
What is the strongest part of the body? Jaws
Which body part has the most bones? Hands
How long is an average human tongue? 3 inches (7.6 cm)
How many bones make up a human head? 29
What is the heaviest organ? Skin
What is the longest bone in our human body? Femur

Baby Quiz

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Baby Questions and Answers

Baby Quiz Question Answer
How old should a baby be when he receives his first Rotavirus vaccination? 2 months old
What can a baby do up until seven months that an adult cannot? Breathe and swallow simultaneously
When born, what size is the baby's head to the rest of their body? One quarter the size of the body
Which is the color that babies recognize first when their color vision begins to develop? Red
What is SIDS? Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
How long does it take for fingerprints to appear on a baby’s fingers? Six months
On average, what is the birth ratio between baby boys vs. baby girls? 51% boys - 49% girls
When does a baby’s umbilical cord stump fall off? 1–2 weeks after birth
How many bones does a newborn baby have? 300
Babies are born without which body part? Kneecaps

Basic Medical Quiz

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Basic Medical Questions and Answers

Basic Medical Quiz Question Answer
What condition is caused by the deposition of salts of uric acid? Gout
What is the largest organ of the body? The Skin
Hypertension is another name for what? High blood pressure
Which of the following is an acronym that measures the amount of body fat based on height and weight? BMI
What does the P in CPR stand for? Pulmonary
Hepatitis affects which organ? Liver
What hormone is produced by the pancreas? Insulin
What is removed during a hysterectomy? Uterus
Which blood type is known as the universal receiver? AB
How many organ systems are there? 11

Blood Type Quiz

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Blood Type Questions and Answers

Blood Type Quiz Question Answer
Which blood types are considered universal donors? O -ve
Which blood types are considered universal recipients? AB +ve
What is the other name for Rh antigen? Rhesus factor
Which sign in the blood group tells us about the presence of Rh antigen? Positive
How many types of blood groups are there? 4
Which is the most commonly occurring blood group? O +ve
Name the blood group type that can donate only to its own group? AB
Who was the first to discover blood types? Karl Landsteiner
In which year was the Rh factor in blood discovered? 1937

Brain Quiz

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Brain Questions and Answers

Brain Quiz Question Answer
How far back does the first evidence of brain surgery go? 7,000 B.C.
How many thoughts does the average human have every day? 70000
The hippocampus is the part of the brain you use for learning and memory. In what group of people is this part larger? London taxi drivers
When is the best time of the day to be creative? At night
How much of your brain do you use? All of it
What appliance could you run on the power generated by the human brain when awake? A lightbulb
At what age does the human brain reach full maturity? 25
How much of the brain is made of water? 73%
What percentage of the body's energy intake is used by the brain? 20%
How much does a brain weigh? Three pounds

Ear Anatomy Quiz

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Ear Anatomy Questions and Answers

Ear Anatomy Quiz Question Answer
Soundwaves are turned into vibrations in which part of the ear? Eardrum
Where does hearing take place? Inner ear
Which part of the ear first collects the sound waves? Outer ear
What are the major functions of the ear? Balance and Hearing
You feel dizzy due to the movement of fluid in which part of the ear? Semicircular canals
How many parts does the outer ear have? 3
The Vestibule, Semicircular Canals, and Cochlea constitute which part of the ear? Inner ear
Which part of the ear contains the sensory organ of hearing? Cochlea
What separates the outer ear from the middle ear? Eardrum
Earrings are worn in which part of the ear? Auricle

Eye Anatomy Quiz

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Eye Anatomy Questions and Answers

Eye Anatomy Quiz Question Answer
A person with fuzzy vision basically cannot see detail clearly. This can lead to different abnormalities, including astigmatism, presbyopia, farsightedness, and nearsightedness. A person with this blurred vision should use what type of eyewear? Glasses
What part of the eye is responsible for giving humans the skills to distinguish colors? Retina
When you look at something, and it reaches your eye's retina, the image turns upside down. What part of the eye is responsible for making the image right-side-up? The brain
According to researchers, crying tears can be self-soothing as it helps your body to release endorphins and oxytocin. Aside from this, what do tears do to your eyes? It protects your eyes from the different particles, such as dust
What part of the eye is the messenger that delivers the visual information received by the retina? It can be found in the back part of your eyes. The optic nerves
Different people and races have unique eye colors. With that in mind, what part of the eyes is the most colorful? Iris
Your eyes are made with different parts, including the cones. To view things clearly around you, the cones work together with which part of your eyes? The rods
If you compare the average size of a human eye to something you can see around your house, what would it be? Similar to the size of a ping-pong ball
Which part of the eye is the biggest and responsible for its overall shape? It shares about two-thirds of the overall volume of the eye and contains vitreous humor that looks like jelly and clear-like material. Vitreous body
Which part of your eye automatically shuts when there is an upcoming danger? It also works as the protector of your eyes. Eyelid

Genetics Quiz

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Genetics Questions and Answers

Genetics Quiz Question Answer
Which law states that some alleles are dominant over other alleles? Mendel's Law of Dominance
For diseases such as color blindness, what pair of chromosomes must contain the gene responsible for the disease? 23rd pair
What are sister chromatids joined by? Centromeres
What is a sudden change in the gene which is heritable from one generation to other is known? Mutation
What is the process of transfer of hereditary characteristics from one generation to another known as? Genetics
What does the term DNA stand for? Deoxyribonucleic acid
How many pairs of chromosomes are present in a human cell? 23
Which word describes the collection of genes of an individual? Genotype
Who is known as the father of genetics? Gregor Mendel
Through which process are sex cells produced? Meiosis

Heart Anatomy Quiz

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Heart Anatomy Questions and Answers

Heart Anatomy Quiz Question Answer
The heart is a part of what system of organs? Circulatory system
Your heart rate is the number of times your heart beats per what? Minute
The normal resting heart rate for an adult should range from what two numbers? 60 and 100
What are the upper chambers of the heart called? Atria
Which valve is located between the left ventricle and the aorta? Aortic
How many valves does the heart have? 4
Which blood vessel carries oxygenated blood from the heart to the rest of the body? Capillary
The heart is about as big as what body part? Fist
How many chambers of the heart are there? 4

Human Body Systems Quiz

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Human Body Systems Questions and Answers

Human Body Systems Quiz Question Answer
What is the water percentage of the human body? 60%
Where in the human body are there crystals that help us stand straight? The ear
What is the rarest human blood type? AB-
Where does the main digestion happen in the human body? Small intestine
What human organ cleans fifty gallons of blood every day? Kidneys
What connects the muscles in the human body to the bones? Tendon
What's the lifespan of a red blood cell of the human body? 120 days
Where can you be taller? Space
How many hairs does a human lose every day? 100
Which of the following has more bones? Baby

Human Bone Quiz

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Human Bone Questions and Answers

Human Bone Quiz Question Answer
Where is the body's most fragile bone? In the face
Although babies are born with more bones than adults, what bone do they not have for the first two years of life? Kneecaps
What is the best vitamin for bone health? Vitamin D
Which bone do men and women have shaped differently from each other? The pelvic bone
When do our bones stop growing? Mid-20s
What bones move the most? Ribs
How many bones does an adult have? 206
Where is the hyoid bone? At the back of the tongue
Where in the body is the smallest bone located? The ear
What is the most commonly broken bone among adults? Arm

Medical Specialty Quiz

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Medical Specialty Questions and Answers

Medical Specialty Quiz Question Answer
Disorders related to the blood or blood-forming tissues are treated by what medical specialty? Hematologist
The medical specialty, Neurosurgery, deals with the surgery of the _________________? Brain
Which medical specialty deals with problems associated with obesity? Bariatrics
Which medical specialist would you approach for disorders of the skin? Dermatologist
Newborn babies are taken care of by which specialty of doctors? Neonatology
Problems related to the lower bowel are treated by what medical specialist? Proctologist
A pulmonologist deals with what part of the body? Lungs
Disorders related to the heart come under which medical specialty? Cardiology
Diseases of the eye are treated by what medical specialty? Ophthalmologist
Geriatrics addresses the treatment of what type of patient? Old age

Medical Terminology Quiz

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Medical Terminology Questions and Answers

Medical Terminology Quiz Question Answer
A dermatologist is a doctor for which part of the body? Skin
Lactose, glucose, and fructose are common what? Sugars
Which suffix is used to describe inflammation? itis
This word is used to describe the study of the structure of the human body. Anatomy
Often referred to as the collar bone, what is the medical term for this bone? Clavicle
Integumentary is a word used to describe what system of organs? Skin
Fingers might also be called what? Phalanges
What prefix is used to describe anything heart-related? Cardio-
Jaundice is when there is a slight discoloration to the skin. What color does it favor? Yellow
What is the medical term for a headache? Cephalgia

Medical Terminology 2 Quiz

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Medical Terminology 2 Questions and Answers

Medical Terminology 2 Quiz Question Answer
What is the medical term for severe pain that is usually on one side of the head? Migraine
What does the word edema mean? Swelling
What is the medical term for ear wax? Cerumen
What is the full form of COPD? Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
What does osteoporosis mean? Bone Loss
What is the term used for high blood pressure? Hypertension
Name the medical term used to describe the study of the origin of disease? Pathology
Inflammation of which body part is known as hepatitis? Liver
What does the word hemorrhage mean? Blood Loss
What is the medical term for a bruise? Contusion

Muscle Anatomy Quiz

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Muscle Anatomy Questions and Answers

Muscle Anatomy Quiz Question Answer
The development of muscle tissue starts from what type of embryonic cell? Embryonic mesoderm
What is the main function of human muscle tissues? Movement
What makes the smooth muscles different from the cardiac and skeletal muscles? They are not striated
What would be the possible result if the cardiac muscles did not perform aerobic metabolism? The production of ATP is prevented
What is the main difference between skeletal muscles and cardiac muscles? It is involuntary and located close to the human heart
The following are the different unit organizations that compose a muscle tissue. With that in mind, what is the correct order of these organizations from the smallest to the largest unit? Myofilament, Sarcomere, Myofibril, Sarcolemma
A human eye is composed of different cells. With that in mind, what type of cell is responsible for regenerating muscle fibers as well as fixing damaged and non-working cells? Satellite cells
What is a muscle with a striped appearance called? Striated
In muscle anatomy, there are different elements that are important for different purposes. What is the important element that has to do with muscle contraction? Calcium
Creatine phosphate is composed of different parts. Which part is responsible for storing the energy? Phosphate bonds

Pregnancy Quiz

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Pregnancy Questions and Answers

Pregnancy Quiz Question Answer
What is the name for a woman who carries a baby for another woman? Surrogate
How many kneecaps do newborn babies have? 0
How much more blood, on average, does a pregnant woman have? 45%
What is the longest pregnancy ever recorded? 375 days
In which trimester can the baby sense light? 2nd Trimester
What is the other name of pregnancy? Gestation
After how many weeks of pregnancy does the baby have a heartbeat? 6 weeks
How much weight gain is normal during pregnancy? 25–40 pounds (11–18 kg)
What is it called when a baby is surgically delivered? C-section
After how many weeks does a baby develop fingerprints? 13 weeks

Psychology Quiz

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Psychology Questions and Answers

Psychology Quiz Question Answer
Abraham Maslow introduced a theory that suggests that a person must attain self-actualization. What is the name of the theory? Hierarchy of Needs
In the 1840s, what did James Braid introduce for the psychological state which was previously thought induced through animal magnetism? Hypnosis
The fear of open spaces is an anxiety disorder. What is the name of the mental illness? Agoraphobia
Common symptoms are a disordered reality, hallucinations, and reality withdrawal, and the condition was named by Euglen Bleuler in the early 20th century. What is the condition? Schizophrenia
A mental disorder in which a person is subject to repetitive actions and thoughts. What is it called? Obsessive-compulsive disorder
The collective unconscious concept was developed by which psychologist? Carl Jung
Albert Bandura used a Bobo doll to demonstrate his experiment during the 60s. What did it show? Children are able to learn through the observation of adult behaviour
Which is the psychological therapy method wherein group discussions are utilized to form greater awareness of the self and other people? Sensitivity training
This process goes through sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, and formal operational stages, according to Jean Piaget. Mental growth of children
Which of the following is the founder of child psychoanalysis? Anna Freud

Skeletal System Quiz

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Skeletal System Questions and Answers

Skeletal System Quiz Question Answer
Your bones stop growing when you reach a certain age. What is this age? 25 years
What is the place where two bones meet known as? Joint
Can you guess the bone in the human body that is most commonly broken? The clavicle
By what name are the bones in the human body's spine known? Vertebrae
How many bones are there in a human body? 206
How many bones does the spine consist of? 33
What is the anatomical name of the thigh bone? Femur
What is the name of the human body's smallest bone? Stapes
Where is the patella bone located? Knee
What is the name of the type of joint found in the elbow and knee? Hinge joint

Skin Care Quiz

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Skin Care Questions and Answers

Skin Care Quiz Question Answer
What are the wrinkles around the eyes called? Crow's feet
What role does vitamin A play in your skin? Repair damaged tissue
Which acid is used to care for oily skin and acne? Salicylic acid
How many strands of hair do we lose in a day (on average)? 100
The skincare product Oil of Olay is manufactured by which company? Procter and Gamble
What material is used to make fake fingernails? Acrylic Glass
Overexposure of which rays can cause a sunburn? Ultraviolet
The famous skin brand Nivea comes from which country? Germany
A Procter and Gamble product got its name from Bible? Which product is it? Ivory Soap
Spa facial treatments use which part of a bird? Droppings

Sleep Quiz

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Sleep Questions and Answers

Sleep Quiz Question Answer
Which sleep disorder stops a person from falling asleep or staying asleep? Insomnia
Who is credited with having discovered REM sleep? Eugene Aserinsky
What are drugs prescribed to induce sleep called? Hypnotics
What is the medical term for bedwetting during sleep? Nocturnal enuresis
How many stages of sleep are there? 4
What is the name for the scientific study of dreams? Oneirology
During which stage of sleep do we dream? REM
Who is the Greek god of sleep? Hypnos
Which sleep disorder involves excessive grinding of teeth? Sleep bruxism
What is the other name for REM sleep? Paradoxical sleep