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Get all the information you need about Sports Quiz Game here. The Sports Quiz Questions will be related to Cricket, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Baseball, Volleyball, Golf, Archery, etc. The Sports Quizzes Questions be like who invented basketball or number of players in football and so on. Go through the question that is displayed on the screen and give the correct answers using the hints.

Baseball Quiz

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Baseball Questions and Answers

Baseball Quiz Question Answer
How many players are on the field when a team is on defense? 9
Who is the only athlete to appear in both a Superbowl and World Series? Deion Sanders
Which team won the 2019 World Series? Washington Nationals
Where is the MLB Hall of Fame located? New York
Who was the first player to have their number retired? Lou Gehrig
How many teams are in the MLB? 30
What was Jackie Robinson's number while playing for the Dodgers? 42
Which athlete has appeared in the most World Series? Yogi Berra
What was the first team that Babe Ruth played on? Boston Red Sox
How many balls can a pitcher throw before the batter gets to walk? 4

Cricket Quiz

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Cricket Questions and Answers

Cricket Quiz Question Answer
What is the nickname of New Zealand cricketer Brendon McCullum? Baz
Who was the captain of the first cricket team of the West Indies? Karl Nunes
What is the distance between the bowling and the popping crease? 4 ft (1.22 m)
How many matches were played in the 1975 Cricket World Cup? 15
Who was the first captain of the Australian Test Cricket team? Dave Gregory
What was the official name of the 1975 Cricket World Cup? Prudential Cup
Who was the first batsman in the history of cricket to score 10000 runs in Tests? Suni Gavaskar
Which player is credited to have taken the first hat-trick ever in a test match? Fred Spofforth
Against which country did the West Indies team make 421 when batting first? New Zealand
The cricket team of which country is also known as Baggy Greens? Australia

Easy Sports Quiz

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Easy Sports Questions and Answers

Easy Sports Quiz Question Answer
How many pieces does a player have in Ludo? Four
Which cricket stadium houses the world's oldest sporting museum? Lord's Cricket Ground
Which chess piece can only move diagonally? Bishop
What color are tennis balls? Fluorescent yellow
Muhammad Ali was popular in which sport? Boxing
How many players are there on a baseball team? 9
What color are the goalposts in football? Yellow
Ping-pong is an alternative name for which sport? Table-Tennis
Which color belt are martial arts experts entitled to wear? Black
What term is used in tennis for a score of 40-40? Deuce

F1 Quiz

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F1 Questions and Answers

F1 Quiz Question Answer
Which color flag during an F1 race indicates that normal racing conditions are being applied? Green
What is the highest speed of an F1 car ever recorded? 372.6 km/h (231.5m/h)
How much weight does a car tire lose in one Formula 1 race? 500g (1.1 lb)
How many points are earned by the driver who wins a Formula 1 race? 25
Which color flag during the F1 race indicates a slippery track? Yellow and red striped
Which color flag during an F1 race indicates that the faster cars need to pass as they are being lapped? Blue
How many separate components is a Formula 1 racing car made of? 80,000
What is the maximum time taken in a modern pit stop with no errors? 3 sec
Who is the oldest racer to have won the F1 race? Juan Fangio
What is the average water loss from the body of a driver in one race? 3 liters (0.79 gallons)

Football Quiz

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Football Questions and Answers

Football Quiz Question Answer
What was the first winning Super Bowl team to visit the White House? Pittsburgh Steelers
Who was the first African American player inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame? Emlen Tunnell
Who is the only starting quarterback to win a Super Bowl with two different teams? Peyton Manning
Who was the first US president to attend a game of football while in office? Lyndon Johnson
What is the only NFL team to have won every single game in a season? Miami Dolphins
What is the wealthiest team in the NFL? Dallas Cowboys
Who won the first televised game of professional football? Brooklyn Dodgers
What is the oldest stadium specifically constructed for the NFL? Lambeau Field
Which football team retired its number 12 jersey? Seattle Seahawks
Who won the first Super Bowl? Green Bay Packers

Golf Quiz

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Golf Questions and Answers

Golf Quiz Question Answer
What were golf balls made of before the invention of rubber? Wood or Feathers
How much time is allocated to find a lost ball? Three minutes
When did Fred Couples win for the first time? 1992
If you score a 3 on a par 4 in golf, what did you make? Birdie
What is the real-life name of Tiger Woods? Eldrick Tont Woods
Which golf player also goes by the nickname "Lefty"? Phil Mickelson
Colin Montgomerie played amateur golf from which country? Scotland
Name the first stroke system in golf? Bogie
Which US President was a club member at Augusta National? Dwight D Eisenhower
Who invented the sand wedge? Gene Sarazen

Guess The Nba Player Quiz

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Guess The Nba Player Questions and Answers

Guess The Nba Player Quiz Question Answer
This retired all-star is the league's leading scorer. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
After being drafted to the NBA from high school, he would go on to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers before winning his first championship with the Miami Heat. LeBron James
This South-African born Canadian was drafted to the Phoenix Suns before being traded to the Dallas Mavericks and ending his career with the LA Lakers. Steve Nash
This five-time NBA championship winner spent 1997–2016 playing for the San Antonio Spurs, a team he now acts as assistant coach for. Tim Duncan
This recently retired player spent his 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe Bryant
This former player helped bring the New Jersey Nets to two back-to-back appearances in the NBA finals. Jason Kidd
The Most Valuable Player Award at the NBA Finals is named for this all-star. Bill Russell
One half of the Splash Brothers, this west coast player has a shoutout from Drake in his song "0 to 100. Steph Curry
This former point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers goes by his real first name "Earvin. Magic Johnson
This star of the movie Space Jam and NBA all-star would retire from the Chicago Bulls to play minor league baseball. Michael Jordan

Hockey Nhl Quiz

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Hockey Nhl Questions and Answers

Hockey Nhl Quiz Question Answer
In which year was the NHL founded? 1917
How many seasons were played by Wayne Gretzky? 20
What is the maximum number of players an NHL team can have? 20
Who invented the ice cleaning machine for ice hockey tournaments? Frank Zamboni
Who was the winner of the Stanley Cup in 2006? Carolina Hurricanes
How many teams are considered to be the original NHL teams? 6
The Hockey Hall of Fame is located in which country? Canada
Who was the winner of the Stanley cup in 2020? Tampa Bay Lightning
Which NHL player is also referred to by the name 'GOAT'? Wayne Gretzky
Which team has won the Stanley cup the most number of times till 2020? Montreal Canadiens

Lebron James Quiz

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Lebron James Questions and Answers

Lebron James Quiz Question Answer
Which team did Lebron join in 2010? Miami Heat
What number was worn by Lebron James in the NBA in 2003? 23
In which city was Lebron James born and raised? Akron
In what position does Lebron James play? Small forward
James played high school basketball for which state? Ohio
How many Olympic Gold medals have been won by James to date? 2
In which year did Lebron James play in the finals of the NBA? 2007
Lebron James signed the rookie contract for how many years? Three
Which franchise did James play for when he won his first two NBA championships? Miami Heat
In which year was Lebron James born? 1984

Nba Quiz

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Nba Questions and Answers

Nba Quiz Question Answer
How many NBA championships does Bill Russell have as a player? 11
Who is the shortest player in NBA history? Muggsy" Bogues
How long is an NBA game? 48 minutes
Which of the following teams has never won an NBA championship? Charlotte Hornets
Which NBA Hall of Famer holds the record for most career points? Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
How many teams has LeBron James played for? 3
The 'Splash Brothers' are a nickname reserved for two members on which NBA team? Golden State Warriors
Which basketball Hall of Famer is the NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award named after? Bill Russell
Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and David Robinson were on the Olympic Basketball team nicknamed what? Dream Team
Which NBA team has the most rings? Boston Celtics

Nba Teams Quiz

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Nba Teams Questions and Answers

Nba Teams Quiz Question Answer
Which NBA team has two "three-peats" where they won three back-to-back championships at two different times? Chicago Bulls
Which of the following is the mascot for Indiana? Pacers
You can find the Nuggets playing in which state? Colorado
What NBA team plays at Madison Square Garden? New York Knicks
Which state has the most teams? California
This NBA team started in New Jersey before moving to Brooklyn. Nets
What team's nickname is the Grizzlies? Memphis
The "Bad Boys" was a name associated with which NBA team? Detroit Pistons
Which is the only NBA team that isn't located in the United States? Raptors
Which NBA team has the most franchise wins? Boston Celtics

Olympics Quiz

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Olympics Questions and Answers

Olympics Quiz Question Answer
Which country always leads the parade of athletes at the Olympic opening ceremony? Greece
In which country was the 2018 Winter Olympics held? South Korea
When was the first time that the U.S. basketball team won the gold medal with professional players? 1992
Which sport returned as a full medal sport in Olympics in 1988? Tennis
What is the motto of the Olympics? Swifter, Higher, Stronger
Name the country that was banned in the Winter Olympics 2018? Russia
In which city can we find the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee? Switzerland
Which country hosted the Olympics more times than others? USA
In the Olympics ring, which color represents Asia? Yellow
In which year were the first Summer Olympics held? 1896

Popular Sports Questions and Answers

Popular Sports Quiz Question Answer
In addition to ping pong, what is the other name of table tennis? Whiff-Whaff
How many men are on the field at the same time per team in football? 11
Who kicked the furthest long-distance goal in soccer history? Tom King
How long was the shortest game in Major League Baseball history? 51 minutes
Who is known as the inventor of basketball? Dr. James Naismith
Which is the world’s largest football ground? Rungrado 1st of May Stadium
What position did rugby legend Martin Johnson play? Lock
What is a soccer field called? Pitch
Who is the oldest coach to coach in the NHL League? Al Arbour
In basketball, what term refers to throwing, batting, or rolling the ball to another player? Pass

Premier League Quiz

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Premier League Questions and Answers

Premier League Quiz Question Answer
Who is the youngest ever Premier League goal scorer? James Vaughan
At 43 years and 162 days, John Burridge is the oldest player to appear in the Premier League. Who did he play for? Manchester City
Which Premier League team has scored the most goals in a single season? Manchester City
What is the fewest number of points in a season it's taken to win the Premier League? 75
How many teams have spent just one season in the Premier League and never returned? Three
Who was the first team to be relegated from the Premier League? Nottingham Forest
Which player has made the most Premier League appearances? Gareth Barry
Which is the only team to go unbeaten in a Premier League season? Arsenal
Who scored the first-ever goal in the Premier League? Brian Deane
Which of these clubs has NEVER been relegated from the Premier League? Everton

Rugby Quiz

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Rugby Questions and Answers

Rugby Quiz Question Answer
What is the total time frame of a rugby match? 80 minutes
How many points does a team get when a player places the ball down in their opponent's dead ball area? 5
What do you call an infringement caused by the opposing rugby team? Penalty kick
What is the highest governing body in rugby? World Rugby
In which year was the Five Nations Championship renamed the Six Nations Championship? 2000
Which is the other name of the Six Nations Championship? Guinness Six Nations
The Pumas" is the nickname of which international rugby team? Argentina
How many players does each team have in rugby? 15
What is the Rugby World Cup known as? Webb Ellis Cup
Which national team won the first Rugby World Cup? New Zealand

Soccer Quiz

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Soccer Questions and Answers

Soccer Quiz Question Answer
With what team did Jose Mourinho win his first Champions League? Porto
What international team is Ryan Giggs the manager of? Wales
What MLS team did Wayne Rooney play for? DC United
What is the nickname of the England women's soccer team? The Lionesses
What city will David Beckham's MLS team be located in? Miami
What country does Lionel Messi play for? Argentina
What team has won the most Champions Leagues? Real Madrid
How many men have won the World Cup as both a player and a manager? 3
Which former soccer manager has an asteroid named after him? Arsène Wenger
What Scottish team has a 100%-win record against Barcelona? Dundee United

Sport Around The World Quiz

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Sport Around The World Questions and Answers

Sport Around The World Quiz Question Answer
On which surface is the Australian Open currently played? Plexicushion
What year was the first Baseball World Series played? 1903
Who has the highest number of gold medals in Olympic history? Michael Phelps
Which player scored the very first goal in the NHL (National Hockey League)? Dave Ritchie
What company has provided every tennis ball for the Wimbledon Championship since 1902? Slazenger
Who won the first ICC World Cup? West Indies
Which NBA team won the first game in the NBA league? New York Knicks
Which country won the ICC Men's (Cricket) T20 World Cup? India
Every how many years is the FIFA World Cup held? 4 years
What year was tennis originally introduced as an Olympic sport? 1896

Super Bowl Quiz

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Super Bowl Questions and Answers

Super Bowl Quiz Question Answer
Who is the only MVP to play for a losing team in a Super Bowl? Chuck Howley
What year was Janet Jackson's famous 'wardrobe malfunction'? 2004
Which year saw two brothers compete against each other as head coaches in the Super Bowl? 2013
Who has won the most Super Bowl MVPs? Tom Brady
What's the only annual sporting event with more TV viewers than the Super Bowl? Champions League Final
What's the only day that Americans eat more food than Super Bowl Sunday? Thanksgiving
Who won the first-ever Super Bowl? Green Bay Packers
Who has the most Super Bowl appearances? New England Patriots
How many teams have never reached a Super Bowl? 4
Who won the highest-ever scoring Super Bowl? San Francisco 49ers

Tennis Quiz

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Tennis Questions and Answers

Tennis Quiz Question Answer
When was yellow ball used at Wimbledon for the first time? 1986
Which Grand Slam is the oldest of all Grand Slams? Wimbledon
Which player is called the GOAT? Roger Federer
Which player has won the most Wimbledon titles to date? Roger Federer
The miniature of which fruit is present on the top of the Wimbledon trophy? Pineapple
What was the original color of the tennis ball? White
Which of the four Grand Slams is played on a clay court? French Open (Roland Garros)
Which of the four Grand Slams is played on a grass court? Wimbledon
Which female tennis player has won the most Grand Slams to date and reached first to 24 grand slams? Margaret Court
Which female tennis player has won all the four Grand Slams in a year? Steffi Graf

World Cup Quiz

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World Cup Questions and Answers

World Cup Quiz Question Answer
Which World Cup holds the record for most scorers in a single tournament? Russia 2018
What football club has provided the most World Cup players? Juventus
Which World Cup final has the record for the highest attendance? Mexico 1986
What team has the longest time between successive World Cup titles? Italy
Which is the only team to have appeared in every World Cup? Brazil
Who is the only player to score a hat-trick in a World Cup Final? Geoff Hurst
Who scored the fastest ever World Cup goal? Hakan Sukur
What player has scored the most World Cup goals? Miroslav Klose
What was Pickles the dog famous for? He found the Jules Rimet trophy when it was stolen before the 1966 World Cup
What country did the oldest player to feature in a World Cup come from? Egypt

Wwe Quiz

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Wwe Questions and Answers

Wwe Quiz Question Answer
Which of the following wrestlers is known as The Nature Boy? Ric Flair
What is the name of Shawn Michaels' finisher? Sweet Chin Music
Which wrestler is not a member of The Shield? CM Punk
Who is the youngest WWE World Heavyweight Champion? Brock Lesnar
Which wrestler is married to Stephanie McMahon? Triple H
Austin 3:16 is a part of which wrestler's persona? Steve Austin
What body part of The Rock's belonged to the people? Elbow
Which WWE diva was associated with the Hardy Brothers? Lita
Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and Chyna were all members of what WWE team? D-Generation X
What does WWE stand for? World Wrestling Entertainment