Permeability can be determined by direct measurement with the help of ___________
  • a) Permeameter
  • b) Consolidation test
  • c) Horizontal capillary test
  • d) Pumping-out test
Which of the following formula, cannot be used for determining the permeability of soil?
  • a) Jacky’s formula
  • b) Allen Hazen’s formula
  • c) Kozney’s formula
  • d) Darcy’s formula
Coefficient of permeability of soil can be determined by which of the following method?
  • a) Laboratory methods
  • b) Field methods
  • c) Indirect methods
  • d) All of the mentioned
Allen Hazen’s formula is given by which of the following equations?
  • a) K = 100m2
  • b) K = C D102
  • c) K = 200De2e2
  • d) None of the mentioned
The unit of coefficient of absolute permeability(K) is ____________
  • a) Kg/cm
  • b) m/s2
  • c) m2
  • d) All of the mentioned
Coefficient of absolute permeability (K) depends on ____________
  • a) Permeant
  • b) Properties of soil mass
  • c) Degree of saturation
  • d) All of the mentioned
In Terzaghi’s formula K = 200De2eDe2 represents ____________
  • a) Effective grain shape
  • b) Void ratio
  • c) Effective grain size
  • d) Permeability
K = 100Dmis given by which of the following formula?
  • a) Terzaghi’s formula
  • b) Kozney’s formula
  • c) Jacky’s formula
  • d) Allen Hazen’s formula
Terzhagi’s formula can be applied for_________
  • a) Uniform sand
  • b) Clay soil
  • c) Coarse-grained soil
  • d) Fine-grained soil
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