The graph is plotted with the procedure of square root of time fitting method. The line B is drawn that its abscissa at every point is ______ times that of line A.
  • a) 1.40
  • b) 1.30
  • c) 1.15
  • d) 0
The logarithm of time fitting method was suggested by ______
  • a) Terzaghi
  • b) Taylor
  • c) Darcy
  • d) A.Casagrande
In logarithm of time fitting method, the graph is drawn on a ____________
  • a) radial graph
  • b) linear graph
  • c) semi-log plot
  • d) log-log plot
The logarithm of time fitting method is based on the characteristic of ______________
  • a) U and Tv
  • b) U and log10⁡Tv
  • c) Tv
  • d) log10Tv
The primary consolidation is from _____________
  • a) R100 to Rf
  • b) R10 to Rc
  • c) R1 to Rc
  • d) Rc to R100
The secondary consolidation is from __________
  • a) R10 to Rf
  • b) R100 to Rf
  • c) Rc to R100
  • d) Rf to R100
From the coefficient of consolidation and coefficient of volume change, the coefficient of permeability is found by equation ____________
  • a) k=mv γv
  • b) k=Cv γv
  • c) k=Cv mv γv
  • d) k=Cv mv
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