Which of the following is not an arrangement of ic engine cylinders?
  • a) Circular
  • b) Opposed cylinder engine
  • c) Radial
  • d) V type engine
Which of the following is a cylinder head type of an ic engine?
  • a) U head
  • b) F head
  • c) C head
  • d) X head
The temperature of the piston will be more at ______ in an automobile engine.
  • a) The piston rings
  • b) The piston walls
  • c) The crown of the piston
  • d) The skirt of the piston
Which of the following terms is used to express Ignition advance?
  • a) Millimetres of piston travel before TDC
  • b) Time in milliseconds
  • c) Crank angle
  • d) All of the mentioned
Which of the following is defined as the escape of burned gases from the combustion chamber past the pistons and into the crankcase?
  • a) Passed gas
  • b) Gas loss
  • c) Blow by
  • d) By pass
Which of the following material is used to make connecting rod?
  • a) Cast iron
  • b) Mild steel
  • c) Forged steel
  • d) Tool steel
Which of the following is a type of Gasket?
  • a) Single sheet rigid
  • b) Copper asbestos
  • c) Steel asbestos
  • d) All of the mentioned
Which of the following crankcase would result in saving weight also enable cheaper and quick replacement?
  • a) iron
  • b) nickel
  • c) aluminium
  • d) chromium
Which of the following isn’t a cylinder block part?
  • a) carburetor
  • b) cylinder in which piston slides up and down
  • c) openings for valves
  • d) passages for the flow of cooling water
Which of the following provides passages for the flow of cooling water?
  • a) crankcase
  • b) cylinder block
  • c) piston
  • d) cylinder head
Which of the following is attached to the bottom face of the cylinder block?
  • a) oil pan
  • b) cylinder liners
  • c) crankcase
  • d) piston
Which of the following serves as a cooling and ventilation of engine lubricating oil?
  • a) piston
  • b) cam shaft
  • c) oil sump
  • d) crank case
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