A wall may be defined as that component of a building, whose width is _________ times its thickness.
  • a) 2
  • b) 4
  • c) 6
  • d) 8
Which of the following types of walls is constructed to divide the space within the building?
  • a) Curtain wall
  • b) Party wall
  • c) Partition wall
  • d) Cavity wall
___________ has presented the results of structural analysis based on calculated masonry method in the form of nomograms.
  • a) British Code CP. 3
  • b) Concrete Association of India
  • c) British Code CP. 11
  • d) National Building Code of India (SP: 7-2005
Which of the following reasons is not a type of mortar?
  • a) Lime mortar
  • b) Lemon mortar
  • c) Cement-lime mortar
  • d) Cement mortar
Cavity walls are usually the inner walls of the building.
  • a) False
  • b) True
Which of the following is necessary to tie back the scaffolding with the building at suitable levels?
  • a) Raising
  • b) Loading
  • c) Tying-in
  • d) Spacing
Which of the following is provided on the horizontal shores when one building is higher than the other?
  • a) Flying shore
  • b) Pile Underpinning
  • c) Pit Underpinning
  • d) Raking shore
Which of the following term in the buildings is used to mean the coming out of water from components like walls and floors of the buildings?
  • a) Water proofing
  • b) Dampness
  • c) Termite proofing
  • d) Damp proofing
Which of the following is a mixture of cement, sand, pebbles or crushed rock and water, which, when placed in the skeleton of forms and are allowed to cure, becomes hard like a stone?
  • a) Cement mortar
  • b) Cement grouting
  • c) Cement concrete
  • d) Cement slurry
For ordinary building works, the ___________ is formed and the concrete is conveyed in pans from hand to hand.
  • a) Pump
  • b) Conveyor belt
  • c) Bucket
  • d) Human ladder
A window should be located on which of the following side of a room as seen from the point of view of fresh air?
  • a) Western
  • b) Eastern
  • c) Southern
  • d) Northern
Which of the following is a non combustible building material with low coefficient of expansion?
  • a) Glass
  • b) Asbestos cement
  • c) Brick
  • d) Sandstone
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