In a shell and coil type water cooled condenser, the refrigerant is passed through the ________
  • a) Coil
  • b) Shell
  • c) Tube
  • d) Annulus
Recognize the following water cooled condenser.
  • a) Shell tube
  • b) Double tube condenser
  • c) Tube coil
  • d) Shell coil
Recognize the following water cooled condenser.
  • a) Shell and Tube condenser
  • b) Double tube condenser
  • c) Shell and coil type condenser
  • d) Plate-type condenser
In evaporative condensers, ___________ used to extract heat from the condensing refrigerant.
  • a) Air is
  • b) Both air and water are
  • c) Water is
  • d) Either air or water is
Evaporative condensers combine the features of a _____________ in a single unit.
  • a) Cooling tower and water-cooled condenser
  • b) Falling tower and water-cooled condenser
  • c) Cooling tower and Air condenser
  • d) Rising film tower and water-cooled condenser
Evaporative condensers are used in places where water is _________
  • a) Scarce
  • b) Plenty
  • c) Moderately available
  • d) Sufficient
What is the meaning of heat rejection ratio (HRR) of a condenser?
  • a) Ratio of heat rejected to the heat absorbed
  • b) Ratio of heat absorbed to the heat rejected
  • c) Ratio of heat required to the heat lost
  • d) Ratio of heat wasted in a cycle to the heat absorbed
What is the relation between heat rejection ratio (HRR) and Coefficient of performance (COP)?
  • a) HRR = 1 + 1/COP
  • b) HRR = 1+ COP
  • c) HRR = COP/2
  • d) HRR = 1/COP
What is the equation for Coefficient of performance of a condenser?
  • a) COP = Qe/Qc
  • b) COP = We/Qc
  • c) COP = Wc/Qe
  • d) COP = Qe/Wc
Which one of the following correctly represents the condensation process in a condenser?
  • a) 2-3’-3-4
  • b) 3’-3
  • c) 3-4
  • d) 2-3’-3
The Grimson’s correlation gives the set of parameters to be used to calculate the Nusselt number for the calculation of the heat transfer coefficient as Nu = C Ren Pr0.33.
  • a) True
  • b) False
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