Consider the following two statement Statement A: If heat is added to the system,it temperature must increase Statement B: If dW >0 then dV >0 Which of the below is correct option
  • A & B both are correct
  • A is correct only
  • B is correct only
  • A &B both are wrong
The displacement of a particle having wave motion given by $ y=cos^2(t/4) sin(50t)$ This expression may be considered to be a result of the superposition of how many wave motions
  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four
There are two statement about Ideal gases Statement A: The $V_{rms}$ of gas molecules depends on the mass of the gas molecule and the temperature Statement B : The $V_{rms}$ is same for all the gases at the same temperature which one of the following is correct
  • A & B both are correct
  • A is correct only
  • B is correct only
  • A &B both are wrong
A metallic sphere has a cavity of diameter D at its center.If the sphere is heated,the diameter of the cavity will
  • Decrease
  • Increase
  • Remain unchanged
  • None of the above
The horizontal and vertical displacement of the projectile at time t are $x=36t$ $y=48t-4.9t^2$ where x and y are in meters and t in second. Initial velocity of the projectile in m/s
  • 15
  • 30
  • 45
  • 60
A boy playing on the roof of a 10 m high building throws a ball with a speed of 10 m/s at an angle of 30° with the horizontal. How far from the throwing point will the ball be at the height of 10 m from the ground? take g = 10 m/s2
  • 5.20 m
  • 4.33 m
  • 2.60 m
  • 8.66 m
A transverse wave in a medium is described by the equation $y=A sin^2(\omega t-kx)$. The magnitude of the maximum velocity of particles in the medium is equal to that of the wave velocity.if the value of A is
  • $ \frac {\lambda}{2 \pi}$
  • $ \frac {\lambda}{4 \pi}$
  • $ \frac {\lambda}{ \pi}$
  • $ \frac { 2 \lambda}{ \pi}$
A charge q is placed at the center of the line joining two equal charges Q.The system of three charges will be in equilibrium if q equal is?
  • -Q/2
  • Q/2
  • Q/4
  • -Q/4
A spring balance is attached to the ceiling of a lift. A man hangs his bag on the spring and the spring reads 49 N, when the lift is stationary. If the lift moves downward with an acceleration of 5 m/s2, the reading of the spring balance will be
  • 24 N
  • 74 N
  • 15 N
  • 49 N
A block of mass M is pulled along a horizontal friction surface by a rope of mass m. If a force P is applied at the free end of the rope, the force exerted by the rope on the block is
  • $\frac {Pm}{m+M}$
  • P
  • $ \frac {PM}{m+M}$
  • $ \frac {Pm}{M-m}$
The displacement of particle is as per equation $y=at^2+bt+c$ Find the acceleration at time t=0
  • 2a
  • b
  • c
  • 2a+b
A particle moves such that $x=a sin \omega t$ and $y =b cos \omega t$ what is the trajectory of the particle?
  • Eclipse
  • circle
  • straight line
  • parabola
A line source emits a cylindrical wave.if the medium absorbs no energy,the amplitude will vary with distance y from the source as proportional to
  • $y^{-1}$
  • $y^{-2}$
  • $\frac {1}{ \sqrt {y}}$
  • $ \sqrt {y}$
find the maximum attainable temperature of ideal gas when gas undergoes through the process $P=P_0-aV^2$
  • $ \frac {2P_0}{3R} \sqrt { \frac {P_0}{3a}}$
  • $ \frac {2P_0}{R} \sqrt { \frac {P_0}{3a}}$
  • $ \frac {P_0}{R} \sqrt { \frac {P_0}{a}}$
  • $ \frac {P_0}{R} \sqrt { \frac {P_0}{2a}}$
Two masses $m_1 = 6$ kg and $m_2 = 14$ kg tied to a string are hanging over a light friction-less pulley. What is the acceleration of the masses when lift free to move?(g = 10 m/s2)
  • 4 m/s2
  • 2 m/s2
  • 3 m/s2
  • 1 m/s2
which of these is not true for adiabatic process ?
  • dQ=0
  • dU+dW=0
  • dT=0
  • Molar specific heat is zero
which of these is inertial frame of reference?
  • A observer in car slowing down
  • A observer in train speeding up
  • A observer in car in uniform circular motion
  • A observer in cycle moving with constant velocity.
Find the number of electrons in 5 Coulomb?
  • $31.25 \times 10^{18}$
  • $31.5 \times 10^{18}$
  • $31 \times 10^{18}$
  • $32.25 \times 10^{18}$
Consider the following two statement Statement A: Work done in a closed loop by electrical force is zero Statement B:The force on one charge due to another charge is not affected by the presence of other charges near by. Which of the below is correct option?
  • A & B both are correct
  • A is correct only
  • B is correct only
  • A & B both are wrong
What is not true of uniform circular motion ?
  • Centripetal force=$\frac {mv^2}{R}$
  • angular velocity=$ \frac {v}{r}$
  • angular acceleration >0
  • Speed is constant
An circular coil of radius R consists of N turns of wire.The current in the wire is I.Let B is the magnetic field at the center of the coil Which of the following is true
  • $B= \frac {\mu _0NI}{R}$
  • $B= \frac {\mu _0I}{2R}$
  • $B= \frac {\mu _0NI}{4R}$
  • none of these
A hollow metal sphere of radius 10 cm is charged such that potential on its surface is 10 V Four statement are stated STATEMENT -1: The Potential at the center is 10 V STATEMENT -2: All the charged reside at the outer surface STATEMENT -3: Potential at a point 5 cm away from the surface is 10 V STATEMENT -4: Potential at a point 5 cm from the center of the sphere is 10 V which one of the following is correct
  • All the statement are correct
  • Statement 1,2 and 4 are correct
  • Statement 1,2 and 3 are correct
  • Statement 2,3 and 4 are correct
A spring weighing machine inside a stationary lift read W N weight when a stone is kept on it.What will be the reading when the lift start moving downward with acceleration a
  • $W(1- \frac {a}{g})$
  • $W(1 + \frac {a}{g})$
  • W
  • none of these
A train sounds its whistle as it approaches and leaves a station.An man at the station measures a frequency of 200 Hz as the train approaches and a frequency of 180 Hz as the train leave.Find the speed of the train. Speed of the sound is given as 340 m/s
  • 17.89 m/s
  • 19.89 m/s
  • 16.91 m/s
  • 17 m/s
An electron(charge = $1.6 \times 10^{-19}$ C) moves with a speed $2 \times 10^6$ m/s along the positive x- direction in a magnetic Field B=(i-3j-4k) tesla. Force experienced by the electron in Newton
  • $1.6 \times 10^{-12}$ N
  • $1.4 \times 10^{-12}$ N
  • $1.6 \times 10^{-13}$ N
  • $1.2 \times 10^{-12}$ N
Boyle's law is an example of a ?
  • Latent Heat Process
  • Isothermal Process
  • Adiabatic Process
  • Isochoric Process
According to Kirchhoff's Ist  law ,the algebraic sum of the currents flowing towards a branch point is
  • greater then zero
  • equal to zero
  • greater or less than zero
  • less than zero
If the change in the value of g at height H above the surface of the earth is the same as that at a depth D below it, then (both h and d are much smaller than the radius of the earth) the ratio  $ \frac {H}{D} + \frac {D}{H}$ is
  • 1/2
  • 3/2
  • 2
  • 5/2
A body of 1 kg is acted by the following forces F1=2i+3j+4k F2=4i-3j-(24)1/2k F3=-2i+3j-4k Find the magnitude of the acceleration
  • 7
  • 4
  • 3
  • 10
A particle is moving in the x-y plane with $x=at$ $y=bt^2$ where a and b are constant Find the trajectory of the particle?
  • Parabola
  • Circle
  • Straight line
  • none of these
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