Structure of DNA and protein found in the nucleus of eukaryotic cells___________
  • a) Nucleic acid
  • b) Nucleosome
  • c) Chromatin
  • d) Tetraplex
Centromere is located exactly at the center of the chromosomes.
  • a) True
  • b) False
Which of the following is less condensed, less stained portion of chromatin?
  • a) Metaphase
  • b) Interphase
  • c) Heterochromatin
  • d) Euchromatin
Name the part of a chromosome where t-loop is found.
  • a) Telomere
  • b) Centromere
  • c) Acromere
  • d) Tetraplex
Name the unit of replication?
  • a) DNA
  • b) Gene
  • c) Replicon
  • d) Chromosome
Which of the following phase is involved in the conversion of chromatin to chromosome?
  • a) S- phase
  • b) M- phase
  • c) G2- phase
  • d) G1- phase
Name the basic structural unit of chromatin, which is described by R.Kornberg?
  • a) Scaffold protein
  • b) Solenoid
  • c) 30nm fiber
  • d) Nucleosome
What are protamines?
  • a) Large size DNA
  • b) Sequences that are unique
  • c) Histone like protein found in fish sperm
  • d) Highly repetitive DNA
Name the protein, which maintained the condensed structure of chromosomes.
  • a) HSP
  • b) SMC
  • c) Collagen
  • d) Elastin
Mark the process which does not involve in histone modification?
  • a) Acetylation
  • b) Methylation
  • c) Phosphorylation
  • d) Dehydration
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