Dimensions given in a drawing are the scaled dimensions and not the actual dimensions of the object for scaled views.
  • a) True
  • b) False
As far as possible dimensions should be given in one unit, preferably in _______
  • a) Meters
  • b) Centimeters
  • c) Millimeters
  • d) Inches
Addition of numerals on the drawing defines the object for ______
  • a) Shape
  • b) Size
  • c) Projections
  • d) Tolerances
Size is given by ________ for linear distances, radii, diameters, angles, etc.
  • a) Dimensions
  • b) Measurements
  • c) Arrows
  • d) Projections
Which of the following is the method of preparing drawing?
  • a) Machine drawing
  • b) Production drawing
  • c) Assembly drawing
  • d) Finished drawing
Output of CAD is not _________
  • a) Printed with a printer if it is small up to A4 size
  • b) Saved in the magnetic memory of the computer
  • c) Drawn on the paper with special drawing apparatus
  • d) Printed with multiple plotters if it is large
While preparing a drawing with freehand sketching _______
  • a) Special apparatus are used to draw curves
  • b) Angles are drawn with a protractor
  • c) Straight lines are drawn with set square
  • d) Sketching is done without any aid of drawing apparatus
CAD is the method of preparing drawings, which is an abbreviation of ______
  • a) Computer Aided Drafting
  • b) Call a Design
  • c) Completely Automated Designing
  • d) Common Application Data
Which of the following statement is not about Computer Aided Drafting?
  • a) Quality of such drawing is excellent
  • b) Output is taken with the help of plotter or printer
  • c) Drawings are saved in the magnetic memory of the computer or hard disk
  • d) Letters are written using stencils for good appearance
In a finished drawing, the appearance of the drawing does not depend upon the skill of the operator.
  • a) True
  • b) False
Which of the following option is not expressing the freehand sketch method of preparing drawing?
  • a) Sketching is done with pencil and paper
  • b) Lines may not be the exact length in such drawings
  • c) It is good in learning process
  • d) In sketching, circles are drawn with compass
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