A micro programmed control unit
  • a) is faster than hardwired control unit
  • b) facilitates easy implementation of new instructions
  • c) is useful when very small programs are to be run
  • d) usually refers to the control unit of microprocessor
Preparing a magnetic disk for data storage is called
  • a) booting
  • b) formatting
  • c) debuffing
  • d) buffing
The addressing mode used in the instruction PUSH B is
  • a) direct
  • b) register
  • c) register indirect
  • d) immediate
Index register in a microprocessor is used for
  • a) direct addressing
  • b) address modification
  • c) pointing to the stack
  • d) loop execution
  • a) 10
  • b) 11
  • c) 12
  • d) 14
In a FORTRAN program
  • a) all statements must be numbered
  • b) the numbered statements must be referred
  • c) the statements referred must be numbered
  • d) all statements must be referred
Program status word (PSW) contains various status of
  • a) Program
  • b) CPU
  • c) ALU
  • d) Register
In NC machining, coordinated movement of separately driven axes motion is required to achieve the desired path of tool relative to workpiece. The generation of these reference signals is accomplished through a device called
  • a) approximator
  • b) interpolator
  • c) coordinator
  • d) director
MRP input requires:
  • a) MPS
  • b) BOM
  • c) Inventory file
  • d) All of the mentioned
BOM structure is used to calculate:
  • a) Due dates
  • b) Net requirements
  • c) Manpower requirements
  • d) All of the mentioned
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